Match starts tomorrow.

Its a drag

Its a bore

And isn't it a pity

To be looking at the board

Not looking at the city 

I needed a thread this big to make my debut.

Magnus will do it in Classical, no need for blitz.

not much of a world championship with only two people in it, fgs

they should do it in football world cup format - this is the optimal world championship format for any sport 

mate this is ROF

reasoned statements will not he made

p.s. educate me - was there a group stage?

if no group stage, fook off

Enrich your life. Play chess every day. At work,on the bog, after meals, when imbibing a 2E. Its time has truly come because the world is now online and online is the perfect forum for chess. Massive uptake among the under 40s as it goes. 


yeah, I like chess, on that we are ad idem

I don’t like it enough to follow the elite game but it is an enjoyable pastime and mental exercise.

I play between 10-30 games a day 

I need to go to better meetings apparently

Top level chess will never actually get much interest as long as they stick with 6 hour games. Loads of people watch quick time control chess online, almost no one watches classical games.

Carlsen wants games that last 2 hours max and he’s totally right. 

In the old days the idea of a perfect game with best moves was a thing.  Now computers do that so all for a shorter form format.


Anyway, a drawn Anti Marshall.  Game 2 tomorrow.

Its like boxing 

A champion verus challenger set up

With a side order of politics and corruption and rows over how it should be organised being an occupational hazard over the decades 

I vaguely remember watching Short Kasparov in 1993 and it getting Earl Gaga into chess 

Game 2

Magnus playing on for the fun of it in a dead drawn position.

Game 6 in its 6th hour.  Looking like a draw but Q v 2 R.  Been a good one.

They will draw all the classic rules games and Carlsen will win on the blitz deciders 

Looks like Carlsen will win what is now the longest (in terms of moves) world championship match ever.



Now playing the second game in one day for the first time ever.

A blunder in game 9.  3 down 5 to play for the challenger.  Going to be tricky.

Tricky?! He’s got no chance!  I just asked on the other thread, do they play all 14 games or stop when someone gets 7.5 points?

Well if you will dabble in other threads!


Stops once 7.5 reached.

At least one more win for Carlson then? Or just draws? 

Hi Rhialto... ...I studied Carlsen once. When he becomes 'relaxed' - and a lead like this is relaxing - his inventiveness grows exponentially. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a bloodbath (which in chess terms is an acceleration to 7.5.


Hi Fluffy.  He seems to relax by trying to win fantasy football league.  The guy is a loss to the acturial profession but love him.


Hopefully Nepo will also relax given he has effectively lost and we will have some entertaining last three or so games.  He has to have fun going for 1 win.

See the Game 10 thread. Carlsen’s focus now is keeping a clean sheet. He will do all he can draw the remaining games and go for wins only where Nepo gives him a clear path. That might happen since Nepo must now throw caution out of the window. I don’t see Carlsen doing worse than drawing each game from here on. 

All over.  Another blunder with the white bits by Nepo.