The poll of a lifetime, as the BBCs US correspondent is desperate for it to be labelled, is underway.  Good turn out so far. Looking strong

And so it begins, people claiming to be disgusted with trump but voting with their wallets as he pumps and dumps the economy.

Slippery slope to the Very Bad Places.

The queues and the machines that don’t work and the polling places in gated communities....

It’s a funny sort of democracy 

Do the democrats have a shot of doing well or is trump going to smash this?

Impossible to tell, depends on turnout and how many poor voters get suppressed. 

Yes I think we’d gathered that.

your baby’s first words were “defined benefit “ iirc

Given how fvcking useless the democrats are and how the economy is doing, it should be a surprise if Trump doesn't get a landslide

but the narrative is skewed

I’m afraid it does. There’ll be deadlock in government he’ll blame all the crap that’s coming on. While upping all the Nazi stuff and a little foreign war just to make sure.

the even bigger issue for the U.K. is that its links with the US will loosen as its isolationist policies continue, and we’re forced to buy its fvcking rank exported food post Brexit. Once we’ve finished all the tins we’re stockpiling of course.

Not sure that it follows from your deadlock scenario that he will be able to expand the legislative programme for protcetionism.

nothing has changed for the U K at all as a result of these elections

Bit of a mixed bag really. 

Disappointed that Gillum didn’t win, but the fact that Prop 4 passed will mean that Florida will become a reliable blue state.

Democrats won convincingly in Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania 

Scott Walker is gone and so is Kobach. 

The other thing that won’t get a lot of press is that Democrats fipped a lot of state legislatures, giving them power to redraw a lot of the gerrymandered districts.

Does he need more legislation to increase a protectionist agenda? He’s pulled out of several key treaties already, and he’ll just point to his bubble economy as evidence of success. 

Anyway, we’re all fvcked. 

And in Britain we’re really really fvcked.

Happy humpday Phil, as a great man said about 5 years ago.

In a nation of 360m,  77,744 votes, in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, were enough to swing the difference to Trump in the general election 

These have now been reversed 

I honestly thought Trump was going to smash it.

Looks like CNN etc were right after all, and it wasn't just propaganda. 

I guess there are more liberals in America than we figured. 

Trump should be worried. Democrats won big in those rust belt states, and they will be able to address a lot of the voter suppression.

Heh at "than we figured", eh tovarisch

Voter suppression will be the least of it, when the economy tanks he'll be bigging up the KKK and guns and fire and hate to get his way

It worked for Mussolini and Hitler - who were similarly ridiculed and supposedly reined in.

I won't be happy til trump and his crooked family of shills and shits are strung up.

The Takers ie women the young and Hispanics swung it . Fifty-five percent of women said they backed Democrats

On Today they were saying they sill didn't get all that much of the 'Latino' vote out, and that given they tend to vote Dem and their demographic has increased  by 20% in a short space of time, they expect the Dems to do very well in 2020 IF they can just get them to the polls.

Looks like Rohrabacher is gone in Calif, that would be great news.

that assumes that immigrants are pro-immigration. they tend not to be

HEH! at the tweet.

Reality is the Dems dropped the ball big time. They simply aren't being effective in opposing trump and they still have nobody (apart from Obama who is doing his best) in a leadership role who is made of the right stuff to take him on. O' Rourke looked promising but he overreached and lost.  However big an achievement it was to run Cruz close, he lost.

Still, they took the house.  They can slow trump down and try to limit the damage he can cause.  Perhaps more importantly they can the house to investigate the crap out of him and surely there must somewhere be something damaging enough to take him down.  Maybe not impeach him but enough to stop him winning a second term.

Expect to see more from Mueller fairly soon, I reckon. 

Trump will fire Lyin’ Jeff Sessions and get very desperate as the house stalls legislation and starts on the low hanging fruit in terms of sub poenas

alot will go on behind the scenes and it will get very messy quickly. 

Else trump will just major on the economy and start a war abroad to deflect attention. 

he doesn't even need to do that, Cookie. The fact is that the dems simply do not speak their core voters anymore, Trump does. unless they realise that people care more about putting food on the table than imaginary glass ceilings, they will continue to underperform.

The issue for the Dems is getting beyond their core vote. As it was for HRC. 

Trunp will do whatever he can get away with. He’s a complete loon.

The core vote for the dems should be the working classes, the rust belt, etc. Yet Clinton, a bourgeois insider, spent most of her campaign talking identity-politics, and referring to anyone voting for Trump (typically the white working classes) 'deplorables'. For each person she picked up by signalling her compassion, she lost three by ignoring issues that a significant proportion of the population care about


And it’s bye bye lyin’ Jeff 

so long and thanks for all the y’all