Official Tour De France 2019 thread

Grande Depart is tomorrow in Brussels. Details here.


Inhalers on stand by... 

Should be an interesting one without Froome and Dumoulin. Thinking the Yates brothers are going to be good to watch. Suspect G might repeat his last year's success, tho.

1. Bernal

2. Thomas



Alaphillippe KoM

Van Aert Points

I guess that 213 was the zenith for this competition and since Wiggins retirement it will fade back to its status as an obscure european sport of little interest over here. 

Could you provide the figures on which you have based this sweeping statement? Ta.

I have not caught any of it this year, not even the highlights for various reasons. Bit gutted, but it doesn’t get good for a bit yet anyway. *sad face* at no Cav this year. 

There's been a couple of really excellent stages already. 

is it still 1000 times more boring than the next most boring sport, golf?

Mate the nation was apparently gripped by the "drama" of cricket and a five-fucking-hour tennis match yesterday, we are in no position to throw stones about interminably boring sports. 

It feels like a constant discussion in our house (ha).

This thread has a single solitary post about the actual race, and only 15 other posts about peripherary stuff. 

I like it - great to watch

Can't compare it to golf - snooze fest!!

Yesterday morning's TV coverage including the crash was exciting to watch and esp Geraint's strong finish after it