Does anyone play this any more? 

Are you going to moan about there being too few nutcase Brexters on?

It’s proper sinister stuff from Charles Moore isn’t it “no no no I’m more pure Brexiter than you”

it’ll be burn’em stuff next

what a twat

Broke shire is a Brexter and the civil servant is neutral u berk

Broke shire is a Brexter and the civil servant is neutral u berk

Wrong. Brokeshire voted Remain. My arse is she "neutral". 

Not wrong, he’s a minister in this Tozza Government. He supports Brexit.

He’s a lickspittle. There’s plenty to choose from.

‘Tozza’ eh?

Thanks for the final identity confirmation laz.

By the way, you must be terribly excited - only a few weeks to go until your first paid column in The Guardian on the subject of association football.

You know, the one that you were definitely going to have by the end of the year.

Strutter have you posted that exact post before or am I going insane? 


Sorry for you to have to hear it like this and all, but it’s rubber wallpaper and all the mashed banana you can eat from hereon in.

You’re lying. I have read those words before verbatim. I think. 

Well if you will employ slang that has only ever in the entire history of humanity been used by laz then you can see that is the inference that folks will make

I suspect only laz would be flattered that people thought he is laz, so that sort of proves it.  Hi m4! Ltns etc.

At least now I know why he's such a silly sod, love laz as a pal but my god he is such a contrarian for the sake of it, heh.

I have literally never seen Laz use the word “Tozza”.

in fact, the first time I used it, on a Newcastle v Nozza thread, Laz lolled.