Who's on? Bunch of no marks.

Actually, this strolling player is talking a degree if sense re overpopulation. 

Knobhead: "I WENT TO UNIVERSITY IN 1997!"

Actor: "Congratulations."



I don’t know why they just don’t get on with it??!!!!!!

Loved the mansplaining from that bald bloke toward the end. Bet that was his wife next to him too.

Loved the balloon who said "Legally we've already left".

I don't think she's ever read Dicey. 

The LOTR actor made more sense than most of the panel.

Caroline Lucas seems to like calling people she disagrees with racist.

What a shower.

He was a wankbag. Seems to think the UK exists to keep the constituent nations in check, not that the UK only exists due to the consent of those nations.

Yes I was surprised by that too. WTF was he on about when he seemed to compare the UK with Yugoslavia.

I don't know. When he spoke about growing up in colonial Africa and none of the countries he knew then existed now, I thought he was going to call for the re-establishment of Rhodesia or something. He had 'that' look about him.

Heh. Although now you mention it..

*sips G&T on veranda*