And so it begins....

Christ, his accent is so close to mine, that’s quite worrying.  I expected him to be more Etonian type.


I went to see him to tell him I couldn’t be seen with him. Also; riiiiiight. 


Col. Oliver North. 

I have no recollection of that.

Iran Contras.

I remember pizza express because it’s an unusual thing to do. Woking is weirdly distinctive. 

Err. Ok. 

Oh. We’re into deep fake territory now. Dear god. 

“Here’s the problem” with his here’s the problem refrain. At the end of each here’s the problem statement is a stinking pile of bs. 

For someone who doesn’t sweat he’s starting to look a bit clammy 

If the original is produced we could solve all of this. 


Yeah but you know he’s just started getting over his PTSD from the falklands so he can magically sweat again now.  


Ok so if he has never been upstairs.... how the fuck does he know it was upstairs!?!?!!

I was in New York the previous day. Great alibi. 

I was further down the street. 

It’s awful. Just. Can’t. Watch. 

God he keeps laughing, has he not been briefed by anyone who understands body Language?

Choking over whether he’d give evidence is not good. 

He really needs to be told how to suppress that nervous laughter.

He looks visibly relieved to be on to another topic. He’s just praying for it to end isn’t he?

That’s the biggest load of babble to change the subject and not answer the question I’ve ever come across.

He stayed at his house, no he couldn't have stayed at a Hotel, god no

Well that costs money, air miles Andy never wants to spend the public purse.

How much do you reckon is he lyng, or stretrching the truth, and did he have these questions given to him before hand ?

I have a theory on this.

I reckon this was triggered by Prince Harry.  

Ok so that was a complete fucking car crash for Andrew.  Prepared on facts only, not on any method of response.  Leaves me in no doubt tbh.

Christ I haven't seen eyes dance like that since mr potato head.  Why has no 1 told him that blinking and looking to the right is a tell?  We should invite him to the next rof hold'em night

what wang said, FFS who recon he is guilty as is suggested?

Surely you’re aren’t claiming that Prince Paedo, a member of the royal family is an Andrew?!

Tecco how many times have you been to these dinner parties with pesto and drew?

Watching this on catchup

He just said "this never happened, but if it did"

Which is exactly what my abusive ex said to me on one of the numerous occasions I told him I remembered what he had done to me and he accused me of being drunk or a liar. He comes across as guilty as sin.

Oh ok just got it, sorry, been a long day.  Happy to report, never.

p.s. Googling pesto and drew gets you a drew barrymore cooking episode on the Ellen show making pesto.


So bad.  But does anyone else wish they'd been in that PEx in woking?

Painfully so.

Not wanting to get all Dr Ekman on you but look at the point where he looks down before answering like five times in a row.  Like a guilty little schoolboy staring at his shoelaces.


How does he know it's upstairs if he's never been upstairs?  Liz is changing the will.  Again.

Is she lying?

Waffle waffle

He never said she wasn't lying

Hey Chef - there's a dude out front in a suit who's just hoovered an American Hot with extra chilli and not a bead of sweat on him!

Yeah, must be a veteran.

Because as we all know, sweat caused by Adrenalin fight or flight reflex is absolutely identical to the sweat caused by a body regulating its temperature due to excessive physical activity!

(it is not, entirely different neurofunctions and whoever told him to use that as an excuse is a fucking moron, notwithstanding the fact that the closest he got to an argie in the falklands was maybe a random potshot from 2 miles away.  Do we really think the Royal Navy commanders wanted to end their careers by losing a prince of the realm ffs?)

Oh, I am a monarchist. I love the Queen.  I've always thought her children are awful, particularly Andrew. Burn him, bum him.

I’m not a monarchist or whatever, but I feel most sorry for his family, especially his children.

That was terribly bad, it probably couldn’t have gone more wrong.

Oh it was awful.  Poor royal family.  Harry and Meghan currently doing cartwheels though.

Prince Andrew's reputation is totally, iredeemably sunk after last night. There's no coming back from that.

Put Pizza Express Woking on map. Sex slave central 

Similar car crash to Charles' " confessional " interview with Dimbleby

They're not terribly bright and easily manipulated by media into thinking they are their friends 

What's worrying is that those answers were blatantly coached and they were still shit 

I suspect that to some extent he was fed a line by Epstein who got his thrills laughing at putting one over the gullible stupid prince.  I also suspect Epstein set a few other people up in a similar manner in the hope he could use it if he was ever tried.

There’s something odd about Ghislaine Maxwell’s total silence as you’d expect her to at least pop up saying she was also abused by Epstein and brain washed into helping him procure young women.

The relationship between Andrew and Ghislane is also odd given what her father did. I'm surprised Madge didn't step in and ban him from associating with the family 

This was just a collective hallucination right?  He didnt really do that interview surely?  LsD in the water supply,must be.

Ps heh at the sun and mirror going with the same headline.

Apparently the central palace PR people were worried it would be a train wreck.

After the interview they didn’t think that.

They described it as a plane, crashing into a train, resulting in a nuclear explosion.


Who thought that would be a good idea???

You could watch that with the sound off, not knowing who he is or what is being discussed and you would immediately feel that he is fundamentally lying and/or hiding many things.

I think the comment above about being a bit thick and naive enough to believe that the media are on his/their side is on the money. 

There once was a Prince called Andy

Who was known for being quite randy

And did though he try

He couldn’t deny

The photo of him being handsy 

It's all that interbreeding, he seems to have ended up with Russian hands and Roman fingers

What nb said. The sooner all these people realise that the media are not their friends the better. He shouldn't have done it.

Its beyond belief really. Its such a disaster that one wonders who is using it and how. Be interesting to see what other stories are being released today/tomorrow under its cover.

Do we think he'll now be secretly squirreled away to the special loft-wing apartment at Glamis?

And yes, wot Chambo sed @ 12:49 - the sooner all these people realise that the media are not their friends and can better cover up their associations with and facilitation of convicted paedophiles the better. Absolutely awful that any of this has been exposed about good old Andy and sure Chambo would have protected him better from all of this nonsense.

I would have advised him not to do it. One, he's too dim and two, however supposedly 'friendly' the journalist was (they probably weren't), it would obviously be picked up by the rabid media contingent. He should have stuck to media statements. And not too many of them.

Then disappear. There's an election on, the media should be able to move on to that rather than a fairly minor Royal.

Good man - you've drilled down to the pertinent issues in all of this. Agreed it's all kiddy-fiddling piffle and there's bigger stories to focus on.

Personally I think we should trade his FBI interrogation under oath in exchange for that woman who killed someone then fled back to the US.


Wot bc said at 13:39. If only Randy Andy had Chambo's sense of self-awareness...

... were we all watching the same interview?

I totally believed him. All seemed legit.


Guilty as sin.

Burn him. 

And throw Edward on the pyre while you're at it. For good measure. And just in case.

Back on Andrew - I do find it weird he says he regrets *meeting* Epstein (which was pre-conviction) rather than addressing the obvious issue which is he why he carried on meeting up with Epstein *after* Epstein was a convicted paedophile.

Astounded that Buck House has allowed this interview to go out and, given that they have (and it's an absolutely *appalling* interview in terms of what it says about Andrew in all of this) one does wonder what else is being held back / they believe is being protected by allowing this sh1te to come out and be released to the media.

It stinks.

Given that Epstein was clearly a master manipulator I suspect he manipulated Andy after his conviction to believe that his conviction was corrupt in some manner and politically motivated.

Maybe so, Sails - that doesn't explain why Andy is *now* expressly saying that he doesn't regret any of his dealings and interactions with Epstein because those dealings and interactions 'opened up opportunities'. The whole thing and particularly Prince Andrew's comments in this latest interview was past and post-Epstein's death are just so totally fvcked up, out of order and wrong.

My favourite bit was when his royal lowness  said he was aware of safe guarding because of his involvement with NSPCC and didn't see anything that rand alarm bells, but then also said he was used to seeing staff so didn't notice the young girls parading around the place

Safe guarding clearly isn't something to worry about when it concerns the servant classes (I.e. virtually everyone watching)

Don't really buy this 'sex slave' bollocks tbh

Was Roberts et al being kept chained up in a cellar?

Good time girls having a good time with Andy 


Yes, but you also don't think black people are as evolved as white people, so your opinion isn't worth anything, wankwit.

Didn't you guys used to hand out gun licences to shoot abos in the

Northern Territories?  

Yes Orwell was defo personally responsible for that 

No, wankwit.  Afraid you won't be able to indulge your sick fetishes.

He’s in a lot of trouble. As much of a pampered halfwit that he is, I don’t it’s in any way feasible that his judgement was that bad. 

Should have stuck to keeping his head down. That he hasn’t probably means there’s more bad news that they’re trying to be on the front foot on. 

If he was genuinely balls deep in trafficked and underage girls, and from the interview it’s hard to conclude otherwise, then it’s the last we’re going to be seeing of Andy for a while. 

Ockers usually blame the Brits for the gun licences 

"Not us guv"

there were people on the radio this morning who said it was a major mistake that he did not show remorse or sympathy for the victims

This is odd. If he hasn't done anything wrong, why would he express remorse?

I didn't watch it. Is he accused of rape?

Because regardless of whether he did it or not, people were abused, perhaps?

He's accused of sex with a minor 

The 'not as evolved' thing is classic religious type cretinism (interestingly that corrects to creationism).  Utterly retarded.There is no 'goal' to evolution, it is just what happens.  There is no point where nephilim ancestry wins thru and we become angels.  Everything alive today on the planet is exactly as 'evolved' as the other.  Man, gorilla, sperm whale, giant redwood, puffball mushroom, lamphrey, toad, slime mould and even amoebea, bacteria and viruses.

I am willing to concede I have met lichens more evolved than friend Bernie here, and even a humble could use the term ocker correctly.

if she was 17 , as I think I saw on twitter, is that a US thing?   It used to be 16 for legal sex in the UK but I think it may have changed.


orwell, if he had shown remorse... that would imply he was to blame and/or guilty.


I suppose he could have said, 'Epstein's crimes were unforgivable , and I feel sorry for his victims.'. But maybe that would not have been authentic when one of the victims is his accuser

If someone used to lend me their personal jet, private island and a host of palatial properties the world over, I reckon I’d regard them as a pretty good mate.

If I later learned that individual was up to his nuts in the guts of a bunch of people, regardless of sex, who were underage in that jurisdiction and moreover that they had been coerced and groomed into so doing, well.  I don’t know about you but I’d be pretty fucking horrified and empathetic towards the victims.  I’d denounce them, express my outrage at having been deceived and wish the victims as much recovery and justice as they are able to get, and were I influential I would offer to assist them with that in any way I could.

What I would not do is fly out to the city of my pal to break off my friendship with them, only to then attend a dinner party and stay for 4 days in their mansion house.  Nor would I invite their girlfriend around to my home regardless of whether we were old school pals or not.

Just putting it out there like.


I believe Epstein was convicted in Florida because the age of consent is 18 thus elevating his crime from trafficking to trafficking a minor whereas he could only be done for trafficking in other states where the age of consent is 16.

Now that’s a bit harsh. Fair dues Tecco. Andy did say his mate Jeff’s behaviour was unbecoming. 

So that’s basically all good then. 

Age of consent 13 in Spain and other Catholic countries 

Whole brou haha a tribute to protestant/ Presbyterian horror of sex