The office / hybrid work is dead isn’t it
Patricia Jackson 28 Nov 21 19:31
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Nearly two years on and it really hasn’t returned to what it was has it.  Even efforts at hybrid working seem to be failing all round. That doesn’t seem to work either. So are we set for remote work for the rest of our working lives? Feel for anyone 18-35 that is establishing a career, this must be knocking years of experience and promotion off and deskilling all round. What is there to look forward to in work if you’re young and starting out.  100% work is truly awful and depressing. 

My shop (non law) has recently opened a brand spanking new building. We are expected to go in twice a week with days dictated depending on the area you work in. We have been given a grace period (March) to get used to the new arrangement where it will come in to force. There appears to be a considerable number of people who these stipulated days don't work for and I'm intrigued how the business will deal with these situations especially since we are a technology company and don't really need face to face. 

There is no question that many orgs are now making changes and decisions that will be permanent.

The very top tier - where performance is everything and cost is irrelevant - will hang on to “all in”. Think white shoe or bulge bracket or some of the top pe houses, some parts of mc/sc.

Outside of that (and tbh even some middle office functions within those orgs) - everything is changing. 

I think that we may have hit a tipping point. Overall the culture will shift and as flexible practices are established its very hard to change them. People are starting to get used to it, build their lives around it.  Many were already tbh, often informally or with special arrangements, but now its all gone official theres no going back.

If Omicron gets going it will be interesting to see how the Tories respond. Clearly many of them and their donors are bricking it. Wouldnt be surprised to see all sorts of other restrictions but them still trying to get people back into offices. But they are fighting a losing battle.

Im not sure whether Omicron will change anything tbh. It doesnt seem that dangerous and covid is spreading freely anyway in the UK. But even assuming we all go back to normal, I think we will find that we’re past the tipping point already. 2/3 flex will be the new normal. And having established that we will probably trend towards more flexibility rather than less. 

Will clearly have a big impact in all sorts of ways once people properly realise that there really is going to be a new normal.

In general its going to be a very good thing.