That’s some article in the FT

How Crispin Odey evaded sexual assault allegations for decades

Thirteen women accuse the hedge fund titan of harassment, abuse and fostering a toxic workplace


Wow, what a colossal scumbag. Eight women with broadly corroborating accounts really leaves little room for doubt.  Hopefully this triggers a police investigation and he spends a fair old while inside.    

The content of the article is awful.  I suspect the firm may implode pretty quickly and hopefully he gets brought to trial sharpish

He used his wealth and influence to boost the country’s Conservative party, back Brexit and cultivate friendships with former prime minister Boris Johnson, among others.

Complete *rsehole.

quite an article, yes

Out of 11 former receptionists they spoke to 9 alleged experiencing abusive behaviour.

He's guilty of being a massive Tory and brexit backer and is therefore very likely an animal rapist, at the very least 

The tales of the lunches and plush carpet and buccaneering aren’t so very bad really, even if you detest That Sort Of Person. But the [sub judice] stuff is truly disgusting. 

You just look at the fellow and think ‘I bet you’re really keen on brexit, aren’t you?’

I also had this reaction. I get that support for Brexit increases with age and men are more supportive of Brexit than women, but purely based on my lived experience there seems to be a correlation between support for Brexit and BMI.  Is there any scientific evidence of there being such a correlation?  If there is such a correlation, what is the reason for it? 

V interesting article.  I always though Merv was an unusual Brexiteer.  I figured a Euro girlfriend cheated on him when he was younger or something like that.  Maybe it's just because he's a bloater.

reverting to the OP - that is a very odd article, and odder again for the FT to be the place to publish it.

given it's the FT i'd discounted sensationalism, and assume it's been a well lawyered piece to stand it up


Well lawyered, sure, but what is the purpose of publishing anything other than the fact of the 2021 prosecution, the acquittal: the fact of the two internal disciplinary committees; and the fact of departure of significant directors? Serious question, what purpose is it serving?

mr ronald coase09 Jun 23 14:29

Serious question, what purpose is it serving?


to shine a light on corruption, abuse of power and serial sexual assaults perpetuated by a person who carries a whiff of buying politicians and powerful friends to keep himself in the manner to which he has become entitled ?

It’s an easy way to get rid of someone — allege they are a perv without any evidence knowing it will become embarrassing for their organisation and it is a bad look to try and support them. Tesco chair was a good example as was the cbi guy 

@ runnersknee Yes it's a good way to get rid of someone. That was tuscan's question and mine. 1  Cui bono and 2 why is the FT helping them?


@Sumo - if the journalists could prove he was "buying politicians and powerful friends to keep himself in the manner to which he has become entitled" they should have written that story not this one.

Extraordinary and hair-raising story. The Weinstein of finance.

There’s a similarity, too, in the way finance like entertainment builds people of probably fairly mediocre gift up into titans based on fashion and PR. These masters of the universe think themselves invincible, but I’f be willing to adopt the high conviction strategy of betting that Odey’s returns have been based more on luck and connections and self promotion than on any next-level talent for investment.

they should have written that story not this one.


Well I imagine the one about the sweaty sex pest generates a lot of clicks so that’s always going to be the preferred story 

Also, heh @ the executive committee gave him a written warning, so he fired them (without any warning!.

Grim posts from ronald coase. Is odey an old school chum or something? No wonder these creeps get away with this stuff for so long. 

Why is it odd for the Financial Times to be publishing a serious and well researched piece about misbehaviour by an extremely high profile and lauded financier? That’s the exact kind of thing the FT is there to do.

Agreed. Very weird take from Mr coase. The prior case should be re opened and the judge disciplined 

I take it back, however its the perfect article for the FT to publish on an influential financial and political operator.

I think it was his brother that I worked with years ago and wouldn’t surprise me if he was as a perv of some description.

I often think what a wonderful thing #metoo is.  So many men living in fear and dread wondering when their chickens are going to come home to roost.