Not having a dishwasher

Currently renting a flat with no dishwasher and had forgotten the delights of having to wash everything up by hand.  Now have a suitably masculine pair of marigolds to protect my dainty solicitor hands.

Hands that do dishes can be as soft as your face if you use mild green Fairy liquid.

When I was renting this was one of my absolute essentials.  No dishwasher = no Tecco.

It's fine for a few months but some times struggle to resist the student urge to avoid washing up until nothing else will fit in the sink.

Dishwashers are shyt (and believe me I've seen fucking loads of the breaky little cvnts).  certainky no barrier to having to wash up

"Now have a suitably masculine pair of marigolds"

'ello sailor


I love washing up and don't use marigolds!!