Not actually looking forward to the "end" of lockdown

Its just going to be stressful and shit and disappointing like in 2020 innit

I’m looking forward to more of your brilliant posts though pal

Just watching QT and its just reminding me how shit its going to be 

Almost worse than actual lockdown 

The whole tier thing is basically lockdown by a different name. We need to open up asap when the second jabs have been done. 

Harper is right 

If we keep going on about variants its lockdown forever 

When lockdown ends there's going to be a totally not the same nationwide tier 4



Really looking forward to going to a pub and being made to scan my phone to get in and made to sit in the corner and put a mask on to go to the loo and then wait for a call from NHS Track n Trace telling me to isolate for 2 weeks cos someone I wasn't allowed anyone near then tested positive. 

Think I just won't go 

The mask to go to the loo thing was, I'm sure, intended to make pubs too absurd to go to

Theyre just rubbish with restrictions 

Whole vibe is off

Who gives a flying fock about having to mask up to go to the bog. Grow some balls fgs

Even if we go into the tier system, most people will be tiers 1 or 2 given how low the numbers are.

But it's what you make of it. Can't say I'll be disappointed, I'll be smashing life.

I thought the view was the regional tiers weren’t coming back? 

My prediction for ending lockdown: schools open; they pause to measure the data and cases shoot up.

lots of calls to vaccinate children

pubs eventually open mid summer.

Common consensus is no regional tiers. Save for some roffers who want as much doom as possible.

I’m looking forward to lazy spring and summer evenings with a couple of friends in someone’s garden talking the usual bollocks.

I could see no tiers but a regional lockdown applied, some have suggested that a big outbreak in say, Kent, could see a lockdown in Kent for 3 weeks. They want to follow the Aussie model.

I don't agree, but I have read that is preferable to tiers, even if I can't see a terrible difference in that...

The government will impose as many restrictions as they think they can get away with without there being widespread social unrest. This will be seen as proportionate by the majority in line with the perceived threat. 

The message will change through the summer from one of getting numbers as low as possible to one of caution and impending doom as a nudge toward lockdown at the start of November. November lockdown will be accepted as proportionate to the threat of NHS overwhelm in January. We'll be in a near identical position next February as we are now. 

I suspect the AZ vaccine isn't nearly as effective as had been hoped and this will likely come to light mid-summer. 

Yeah not sure what the difference is. It’ll also mean anyone who lives in or near a city is screwed. Did Leicester ever get out of lockdown? 

I fear Minkie could be correct given the government is still refusing to commit to dates and relying on the moving goalposts of data, something that also keeps the dreaded SAGE in charge. 

I shall laugh heartily in coming weeks when vaccines kick in and infection rates plummet end they instigate the best case scenario for unlocking and we’re having a few pints outside the funny little pub in Waterloo on a warm May evening.

Monday announcement some school years will return over a phased long period. And he will make an announcement about making another announcement later on. Such a pity , the numbers across the piece are plummeting. 

Israel confirm that they are seeing vaccines resulting 85% protection against transmission, which is great news.

He’ll actually outline a timetable with three different scenarios depending on certain criteria.  My money is on the best case one coming to pass on the basis the worst will be super cautious and the other of course somewhere between the extremes.

And the numbers across the vast majority of London Boroughs are mostly very low, with 7 boroughs below 100 per 100,000. More great news.

His speech will be:

It's done. We won. Britain. NHS. Churchill. Wiffle waffle. Random latin reference. Vaccine. Summer. Easter. Pubs. Gyms. Stroke the hair. Releasing details soon. Front line workers. Not long now. Relentless.

It's got to be schools first, then gyms/shops, then pubs. Few weeks in between each. Right?


Cleverly has just said the easing of restrictions will be very slow and gradual.... and not until it is completely safe.mmm

City AM reporting Rishi to extend Furlough until september, so thats a big clue possibly. Blast

Yup that is the worst possible news. There seems to be a view within the government, driven by SAGE, that these restrictions are benign so it is perfectly "safe" to continue them and ease slowly. That isn't the case. They are as harmful as the disease, just in different ways. 

They're benign for the politicians, medics, public policy wonks making them and journalists reporting on them. They can all go to their workplaces, see their colleagues, send their kids to school. Other than wearing a mask in the shop (when was the last time any of the cabinet went to Tesco's tho) lockdown makes fvck all difference to them 

They can also have dinner parties on the pretext of business meetings, working lunches etc 

‘Who gives a flying fock about having to mask up to go to the bog. Grow some balls fgs‘

Well quite. It’s almost as if it’s actually Team Sane who are the snowflakes. Nothing can impinge on my libuteh!

I don't give a Roger about wearing a mask on public transport or to go to the toilet in a restaurant. I very much give a Roger about the continuing ban on having friends round, going to see my relatives, having a pint with my mates, doing sport etc.

Writing’s well and truly on the wall now. Extension of furlough, and even the Sainted Blair’s lockdown release plan (reported in Telegraph) shows measures being contingent on cases, not nhs pressure, and the “no restrictions” level being contingent on zero cases. Yes, Zero. And I’m sure Johnson will be more ballsy than Blair on this. Oh. 

“By our calculations, if the NHS achieves its plans to ramp up the pace of vaccination, all adults could have been offered a first dose by the end of May. But ... even once the adult population is covered, it is far from clear that it will be possible to remove all restrictions without having in place a comprehensive containment infrastructure, likely involving digital health passes, better incentives for self-isolation and widespread availability of rapid testing.”

Cue TeamZealot frantically reassuring each other that “restrictions” will only equal mask wearing, cactus supplies are not at risk, and everyone will still be able to sail around their swimming pools. 

Check I'm already pencilling in dates for this summer's pool parties and already have a full diary of sailing events.  Really don't think Cowes Week would be open for entry without the nod from government that there's a good chance of it going ahead.  Suspect they'll have to limit the numbers in venues shoreside but if that keeps some of the fighty locals out of the beer tent it's a bonus.

An extension of furlough to September really does worry me actually. 

Is it not sector specific though to cover things like hotels and stadiums which will be slow to reopen?  My sources had told me it wouldn't be a blanket extension but would be sector specific.

I hope you're right Sailo. 

A generalised extension would be the worst possible news. Targetted support (e.g. travel and tourism) is one thing but is also worrying since it would be nice to have a break even if in the UK this summer. 

I wouldn't worry to much about it in your immediate future, as any announcement of 'ending' on Monday is most likely to be disappointing 

There will be breaks but probably self-catering type as hotels will still be subject to restrictions on numbers of people in restaurants, etc.

Sod that. The whole point of going is for nice meals and not to have to make the bed. Might as well stay at home. 

Wot someone else said yesterday about the 15% of stuff that is denied you during lockdown (if you’re like most of those on this board and relatively very fortunate) nonetheless making the 85% that is the same, bearable. For many, many people it isn’t 15/85. But fook’em, cos I’m all right, eh?

To be fair, extending furlough to September makes sense if we assume things like nightclubs are not going to open until late summer at best. It's probably less the existence of the scheme that we should worry about and more the numbers on it. If it's still millions in summer then we are screwed.


"will also be extended into the summer before being phased out"

This could also cover a general extension until June with then a targeted system to cover the sectors that reopen last.  Pointless trying to guess any of this stuff before 3 March.

FFS this it too much.

So life just on hold for another 6 months then. 

Just a few more months guys! We've turned a corner. 

Love the general approach of some people of taking a very vague and possibly one line report from a newspaper of dubious reliability and turning it into the worst possible interpretation.  I'm going to wait twelve days to hear the detail before probably not freaking out as it won't be half as bad as half of you would like it to be.

This really is total endless isn't it?! I'm no longer complying with the stuff I can actually do like seeing family and friends. I did comply for the first lockdown and for the November one. I saw my relatives over Xmas and have complied since 3rd Jan with the rules of not seeing anyone else indoors but that's all gonna be coming to an end next weekend. 

Laz I don't care about wearing a mask to go to the bogs per se

But it's what it symbolises

As long as we have to mask up to go to the bogs pubs won't really be pubs... as there will be social distancing and the constant fear of vuvu. We must not normalise this as it could go on forever and will destroy countless industries. You know all this so I don' know why I'm bothering to type it tbh

There was no fear of vuvu in the pubs I went to last summer.

I complied with LD1 and supported it. I stopped support of anything with LD2 after seeing Whitty's dodgy graphs. 

What Linda said . If I hear one of the slimy politicians say again “ we know how tough it is for you , we really do , it’s tough for us all, we are in this together “ no you don’t , just stop it and lose the condescending tone .

James it is time you took responsibility for your own social interactions ?? Like millions of others .

Sails where do you think City AM got this story from in a paper that is extremely well connected in the City and whose focus is in finance city type stuff ? Do you think they just guessed it and printed it for giggles or it came from a very senior source at No 11?

Maybe the politicians and SAGE could take a pay cut as a gesture of solidarity? Go down to furlough wages? 

There will be absolutely no case for a lockdown next winter as everyone will have been vaccinated. This will be reflected in the policy reality.

@ebitda was that aimed at me? I'm not sure what your point is?

If it's illegal to do something that has an impact on me. Even if I choose to break the law, it's still relevant that I'm having to break the law. 

Ebit I've quoted the full extent of the City AM reporting above.  They have been told it will be extended but clearly haven't been and wont' be given any meaningful detail before the budget.  I have two friends who talk to the Cabinet Office on a weekly basis about such matters who have been told it will probably be extended but not a blanket basis for all industries which is also consistent with it "being extended into the summer before being phased out".  Roger me you some times have trouble understanding simple concepts.