Norming Storming and Performing

Anyone who uses this phrase except when giving an example of the world's twattiest management jargon should be locked in a box with a porcupine and dropped to the bottom of the sea.

If you don't know what it means then trust me never change jobs.

I have never heard this phrase before but can hazard a guess at what it means.

I shudder to imagine the kind of epic bellend that would use it.

I had a call this afternoon with we've got to listen to the street.

I think they may have been playing that game when you drop in song lyrics.

Is this in some way related to General Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf?

Indeed. From memory this is a four part abomination. 

When I was at the LBS in the early 2000s this model (I think it is the Tuckman model?) was a thing. Since then silence. Then earlier in the year I heard someone use the terminology and it made me irrationally angry.  It's the management model equivalent of the monochrome blackberry in the age of the iphone x.

Ps I thought you were signing off your post with a kiss there muttley

All replies to your posts shall henceforth end with a kiss clergies.



I have literally no idea what this phrase means



Tecco that's because u r a total malcolm



Tecco that's because u r a total malcolm



This is the second time today I thought the same as teclis and I don't like it 


what does this nonsense phrase mean?

Me too clergs. Me. Too. 


(I'd insert my favourite "girl same" gif but I can't on nurof)

Ok it's actually forming storming norming performing and it is supposed to be the key to building an effective team 

Every moment is an agony in miniature

It means you rush into the office of your rival with a machete, and then do 18 chargeable hours


Forming - you create a team 

storming - you all argue about how to be a team

norming - you continue to fail to achieve a consensus on anything except about that khunt from audit

performing - you agree that the khunt from audit should do the work


Creating a common patsy is an essential part of team building 

If only there were less than a grain of truth in Muttley's post.  I have a management jargon creator somewhere in my folders.  There's an extended version of it here:


Just combine words from each of the columns and voila!

I thought it would have meant that you spent 24 hours achieving total air superiority, then three weeks continuous carpet bombing the opposition with b52s then about 3 days of essentially driving towards the enemy capital, trying to not run into surrendering troops because they would slow you down then after you were about 80miles outside of their capital city, you stop.  Declare victory.  And wait about 9 years for the son of your current leader to take charge and go back in and finish the job off, having done all of the previous steps all over again.

Btw, I learned this as forming, storming, performing, mourning.

The 4th phase is when a team has reached the end of its life and what you can do to prevent that. Such as:


*retches into bucket*

Stop it you awful, awful people.  

You are desecrating a Spafe Sace.