Non binary isnt getting legal recognition in Scotland after all

The non binary are inexplicably furious

What sort of recognition do they want? "You can't ask me about football because I'm an NB you BIGOT"?

Just. Yknow. Live your life. Being called he or she  instead of they is not an actual trauma.

OK.  I kind of understand transism, and being born into the wrong gender, but I do not have any truck with this bollocks.

And no I'm not going to get into a cripple fight with people who consider themselves the 'woke' of RoF, so don't bother.

Dont see the general problem with recognising their chosen pronouns TBH. It's no different to respecting people who want to be called Ms instead of using traditional forms of address or be known by the masculine instead of the feminine, "actor" instead of the correct term "actress" for example.


It is nothing like that at all.

They suggests the person has multiple personalities or is possessed by demons.

Also what stixta said.

Being trans is being trans. Being non binary seems like emo for 2019.

I think I might start self identifying as non- gendered 

Think I might pass on the ' multiple personalities or is possessed by

demons.' bit tho

This should not upset the binaries... ...if you have a fluid gender then it would be logically wrong to crystallise it with any legal recognition. 

I think they think it's not fluid it's fixed?

But fixed as what, a human? 

PS hai fluffy

is it ok that i genuinely do not understand what non binary means?

i mean i get the words but i literally (dictionary definition) can’t comprehend how this functions other than theoretically

Exactly, Delphi

It is indistinguishable from a person who is neurotic about their body, I think. Perhaps experienced trauma during puberty. I mean, be androgynous nobody cares it's not an identity tho.


We are on a gender continuum... ...which is combined on a three dimensional axis with sexuality and general vagueness.


I'm actually a nihilist - we are creatures of flesh and entropy

joking aside fluffster m7, i’m genuinely not binarist

i’d v much like to allow people to identify as they like and i am not looking to deprive them of that

but in my mind gender really is like light and dark - you either have light, or you have dark. of course, you can have faint light or nearly dark, but the reference points remain around light and dark. just so, we have only male and female - there are of course blurred interims which are neither fully male nor fully female (e.g. due to chromosomal abnormalities), but again here the reference points remain male and female identifiers in the underlying biology to determine proximity to male and female. there is no reference point to a third state. there is no third visual beyond light and dark. i can, in theory, conceive of a third visual, but insofar as i know anything i know truly there is only light or dark

so there is no continuum of gender, there is no intermediate state which drifts between the two, there are two either/or reference points around which we all sit

at least that’s what my head says, so no matter how hard i try to accept non binary outside of the theory, computer just says no

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Used to live in the Mission back in the 90's when it was mostly Projects and Barrios - never had any issues.

My problem with the non-binary stuff:

Non-binary: Gender's like so fluid you know, all the stereotypes are ridiculous and we should tear them down, it's just a spectrum you know.

12: Oh. Yeah stereotypes can be pretty stupid.

Non-binary: I mean, some days I feel like a guy and sometimes I feel like a girl you know.

12: Mm. But, how do you know? Which girl do you feel like, given there's a spectrum?

Non-binary: Uh that's quite bigoted. Sometimes I think like a woman.

12: Yeah, but which one? And again, how do you know?

Non-binary: Ok you're a bigot. 

12: Shit, sorry Dave.

it is infuriating

I do not believe non-binary people are remotely oppressed

except I suppose by the expectation that they will be preposterous tedes

Would non-binary people be ok if we adopted a hexadecimal system to have some sort of limit.  I  reckon I could cope with 16 (increasingly daft) genders at a push.

i just can't stand this idea that how a person sees themselves MUST define how everyone else sees them

it's so fucking digital native immature

there's this mental councillor in Dundeeshire who is a guy with a beard and a guy's name but spends his time shrieking about the oppression of not being called they

he has literally been suspended from his party for being mad and misogynistic

there's nothing special about him he's jsut a massive narc (in the wrong millenial sense of the word)

Delphi - 12 - but isn’t that the point?  It’s not “sometimes I want to be treated as a man and sometimes as a woman” it’s just “I don’t want to be treated as a gender”. 

I kind of get it as a concept, it’s in some ways just an evolution of seeing a person first and a gender second (because disease, periods, childbirth etc mean you have to see a gender at some point in some circumstances) but I’m not sure the implementation of it works / makes sense. 

If you manifest as dressing androgynously then doesn’t that somewhat miss the point? I mean “androgynous” dress, given that men’s clothes are basically a sub set of women’s clothes, really just means not wearing skirts and dresses doesn’t it? So everyone expressing non-binary-ness is really just behaving like a bisexual bloke?

Or am I wrong and do non-binary men just dress in demure dresses?

nobody wants to be treated as a gender

gender is an oppressive construct

that doesn't make you a special third kind of person

sex is what determines your bodily problems and sex is all that matters (and in no way defines your personality or preferences)

foreign secretary?

well why didn't you say?? I shall ask my PS to fetch sandwiches

Arbiter that's my point - let's lose the stereotypes and treat people as people. That doesn't mean pretending there's a non-binary thing.

When I was 5 I wanted to be a tree. 

I was oppressed and told not to be silly I was not a tree. 

Not I am an adult I would still quite like to be a tree. 

If only the law had permitted me to be a tree then things would be different. I would be able to be out standing in my field, waiving my leafy branches in the sunshine photosynthising away all day. Bastards. 


nobody wants to be treated as a gender

not even remotely true lots of people expect to be treated differently on the basis of their gender 

I have never had my trunk peed on. 

not by a dog anyhow. 


I think I shall identify as Bill Gates and nip down the bank