Nominative Determinism

the Treasurer at St Saviour's Pimlico is called Julie Churchyard

Beeb had a story on first open gay referee the other day to mark National Coming Out Day. The referee in question?

James Adcock

Once met a bed shop owner called Tom Window.  Had to explain to him how nominative determinism works.

Guardian sketch writer John Crace noted that it was a poor day for nominative determinism: Lord Pannick QC, for Gina Miller, had been the ‘epitome of calm’, while Lord Keen QC, for the Scottish government, ‘appeared almost comatose’.

I remember having to take take urgent instructions for a deathbed will for a Mrs Postumus. 

I was delighted to be acting for a young couple buying their first home: Mr Wills and Miss Convey.

I often have to refer to Sir William J Williams book on Wills as an authority. 

Currently acting for the estate of a Mr Churchyard too. 

This is all just as it should be.   

I used to have a colleague with the surname Billmore.

Neither is this, but it still makes me larf.

I used to do work for (the deliberately named) Kinnell Construction Ltd.

There was also Judge Laws of course. 

And Learned Hand in the States. Albeit that sounds like a GoT character. Or an intellectual onanism. 

Judo, do you feel you have already been decided?

St Saviour's was my parish church for a couple of years.

The Deputy Chairman of The Wine Society is Eleanor de Kanter

There was also that Judge who had no thumbs. 

Justice Fingers. 

There was quite a famous liberal Crown Court Judge used to hand down very lenient sentences -   Justice Once



My ex’s history teacher was Norman Castle. My friends  dad, who is a horse vet, is Mr Cantor. 

Julie Churchyard lollers.

Igor is the obvious one in our profession.

Gardener's World used to be full of them: Bob Flowerdew, Adrian Bloom, Pippa Greenwood... 


nightcrawler20 Oct 21 17:05



None of the above are nominative determinism

Yes that was my point.

LawPerson - I went to compline last Wednesday at St Saviour's - was beautiful.

Hubert Legal, former head of the Legal Service of the EU Council. 

Back in my hazy pre-Training Contract days I did a stint in conveyancing - we had two (married) farmer clients whose surnames were Lamb and Shepherd.

Wasn't Lucy Lawless at one point studying to become a lawyer, or did I make that up?

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