no trains in and out of waterloo- cheers south west trains

I'm on the first train in. Not especially full and running on time...touch wood 

Aren’t we all lucky to have a railway system that’s getting attention and investment  

Fck moving back to the pleasant pastures apparently not currently being seen on the SWT commute to London.

Is our country as fúcked as it appears from c. 9000 miles away?

due to over running engineering works apparently, I just wonder when they realised they would over run , presumably before this morning. Said to last until 12 PM, good grief.

Well I'm now at Surbiton and haven't encountered any problems so far...

If we renationalised the railways, as Labour suggests, it would help matters. 

Yes the unions would gladly help with modernisation....

You utter cretin

the nationalised railway routes are without exception the best


LNER isn't as good as GNER used to be but it's still better than fucking virgin - I don't know why they insist on keeping services privatised when they are so unprofitable that the only rational reason to take on a contract is to run it into the ground knowing the government won't let it fail


feel sad for the folk stuck down south, surprised there aren't more going postal incidents

What have union grievances got to do with nationalisation? 

Clergs, indeed. When East Coast was majority State owned a few years back, it was awesome, esp in 1st class. Pork pies, unlimited coffee and wine, which the waiter came and topped up from time to time. Quite civilised by the standards of modern travel. And their CEO earned less than any of the others.

In fairness, even 46% of Tory voters want nationalisation. 

yeah it is unfortunate that a hard core of financialists control so much of the discourse now

First class at the weekend (only time I can afford it) on the new GWR trains is lovely, you get loads of tea or coffee and cake and biscuits, the seats are really comfy. 

Its weird just how bad the service into Waterloo from commuterville is tolerated to be. I guess the people who matter have parking spaces even in central London. 

Virgin trains are disgusting and all smell of chemical toilet 

Only wear clothes you're happy to burn afterwards bad

If we renationalised the railways, as Labour suggests, it would help matters. 

How are we going to manage the pensions if we do that, hmm?

Euthanasia is really the answer to most policy problems but given that we live in a faux Judeo-Chris twatfest of a country, they'd have to fund them more efficiently.

I was trying to get out from Waterloo this morning. It is utter chaos there. 

I was sent to 4 different platforms by 3 different assistants none of whom had any clue which train would go first. Sat on one train to be told don’t bother there’s no driver. As I left the train another SWR person asked why I was getting off. I explained no driver. She told me that didn’t matter, the train was still going to leave. I asked if we were all going to take turns to push when she insisted, quite forcefully, that the lack of driver was immaterial to the fact that the train was leaving NOW!!

No Rham. Funnily enough. I randomly alighted on a train from another platform that a driver told me was about to go. I suspect the poor fuckers on the magic driverless train are still waiting. 

Why is the UK uniquely incapable of allowing the state to fix it?

It's not of course we're just infested with people still suffering postwar resentment and American propaganda.

Recommend heroic failure by fintan O'Toole. By UK he means England tbf 

Heh, it’s like those tfl people at Bank that tell you to cross to the other platform to exit ‘as there are no queues’ when you can quite clearly see that it’s heaving 

It's because politicians are all Whigs nowadays and think the free market can fix everything, even things like the train network which by necessity results in geographical monopolies.

Paid £42 in a F*** Uber from Wandsworth Town to get to work angry

Why do they break down trust like this!

One day there will be a gunman and everyone will be all suuuure run away sure.

Cant people not expense taxi costs when trains fuck up their commute? That is what they do at my place.

Not self employed but work for a pretty tight city firm!


Yes, of course.  That's what  the railway industry needs.  Another pointless legal frenzy of paperwork and policy changes so that we can continue to run it just as badly as before.  Spending two years on a series of deals that change nothing, that renew  not one yard of track or signalling,  that buy  no new rolling stock, that train no drivers and alter no operational routines at all.  Two years and about £200 million in legal fees, bankers fees, accountant's fees and assorted other pointless rubbish.   Not to mention two years after that sorting out what the new management want to do …….

For the hard of thinking:

(1) The split between ownership and management of trains and ownership and management track is required by EU law and is present in every EU country.  Since this is part of the acquis, we cannot change it even after Brexit.  

(2) The track and stations are ALREADY NATIONALISED and owned by Network Rail which is a public body.  Only the train operating companies are private.  

(3) The ORR and the DoT specify almost every  part of the franchises they give to the train operating companies.  If these decisions are wrong, they would also be wrong in a fully-nationalised railway.   

(4) Running a railway is a difficult management and engineering job requiring huge amounts of money, skilled labour and time.  Who owns the railway makes sod all difference to whether it is well run.  

(5) The Labour Party and the unions bleat on about nationalisation because then the railway unions would have their hand directly in the Treasury's coffers and be even more nauseatingly overpaid than they are now.  They neither know nor care about running a railway.  

(6) The Tory Party and the City like the idea of a privatised railway only for ideological reasons and also neither know nor care about running a railway.  

(7) Despite the irritation of stressed London super-tedes, the railway is run extremely well, and the statistics about delays, cancellations and passenger satisfaction are pretty good.  The safety is world-beating.   

(8) Commuting by road is in fact a great deal MORE stressful, expensive and unreliable, although you do get a seat and your own music.  

(9) The railway management have been very guilty of getting the communications wrong and irritating their customers.  That's because they are railway engineers, not customer service people.  

(10)There is currently a very large review of the  railways led by one Williams, which will pronounce  on all of this in due course.   If you feel strongly, make a submission to it.  But please first do some reading.  Network Rail's website and regulatory documents are open to everyone, as is Ofrail: