Nigel telling it like it is

Hilarious to see these so-called champions of the people in the Labour Party competing with each other to defend the monarchy. 

Also, he blatantly ripped off a 3-dux thread from the other day. 

Nigel telling lies as usual

Fixed that for you mate.

Nigel tells many things, but "it like it is" is not one of them.

Speeches like this are good- the more he reveals his true colours the better

Whilst I have no time for the man who imo is a dangerous demagogue, I have sympathy here

All he was saying was that since the QM drank and smoked like a chimney and still lived to 102, there is hope that the Queen at 93 will do the same 

I had more in mind the chastising Harry and Megan for deciding to only have two children given the rate in which the "billions" in India and China reproduce.

Or having a go at Charles for giving a shit about climate change.

The fact you agree with him underlines my point rather nicely Bernstein.  Thanks

You say "demagogue" like it's a bad thing. Are you a pinko metro liberal?!

He is a rabble rouser, which is why he (a)rouses you, Dux.