NI Favours Unification with RoI?

Brexit will probably accelerate unification by about 50 years. Once what a united Ireland will look like (it won’t be one unitary country like Germany post-unification but rather a federal state) becomes clearer, that 5% of pro-unity Unionist figure will increase. When the reality of what Brexit will do to GB becomes reality, Unionist support will increase even further. It’s just a pity hundreds will die as a result of loyalist violence. 

Of course, the DUP could delay the inevitable by supporting special status for NI to remain in both the UK and the EU. 

The under 44 support is demographics. There are more nationalists than unionists under 44. 

Do you reeeeally think the ROI will be up for it tho?

Do you reeeeally think the ROI will be up for it tho?

Yes. Not least because they are bound by the consent principle under the GFA, but also because the latest RTE poll in May had support at 65%. 

does anyone have the slightest clue why so many unionists seemed to be pro-Brexit in the first place?

No, and I have even less idea why they are pro union either, now it's clear that no one the other side of the Irish Sea actually gives a shit about them. 

Because they are stupid knee jerk nationalists - ooh brexit means NI is more different than  Eire let’s go for it - as somebody here said yesterday they have done more for  the republican cause in the last year than anyone else has in decades.  Brexit was always likely to lead to the reunification of Ireland and no deal makes it a racing certainty