New Zealand / Islam profile picture flags on Facebook

Not many around m8s.  Why is that?

When it was France everyone had the Tricolore.  What's the differentiating factor?  Or is the flag thing a bit passe now?

I've been off Facebook for about 9 months and only went back a week ago.  It is really because everyone else has fucked off too?

Same reason only 27 people have commented on it on here

David Steel being suspended is a bigger talking issue.  Interesting.

Well it’s a bit far away and they’re a bit brown. Tbf you don’t get multitons whenever some yank incel wipes out a school either. 

Were there really not many posts on Breivik, for example?

Feeling with the Paris attacks it could easily have been one of us. The victims were eating meals and watching a sh1t band. We all do that.

Most of us don't go to mosques, or any religious building for that matter. 

I have no recollection of the response to breivik on here. 

I get the point you’re making though. 

zero, it unfolded during the working day - the bombs in Oslo followed by the shootings on the island.

So naturally we all posted about it rather than working.