New Zealand to ban military style weapons

New Zealand will ban all types of semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles following the Christchurch attacks, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said.

The announcement comes less than a week after 50 people were killed at two mosques, allegedly by a lone gunman.

Ms Ardern said she expected new legislation to be in place by 11 April, saying: "Our history changed forever. Now, our laws will too."





The NZPM is coming across very well, wish she was our PM

Presumably the NZ constitution doesn't contain a provision that can be warped to mean something completely different to what it was intended to cover that people can shout loudly like fucking nutters about 

Well to be fair, that's buying a type of gun which you can actually buy at all in the UK which doesn't include any automatic weapons, semi-automatic weapons or any handguns.

And if you do buy an automatic weapon in the UK, it's likely to be a replica which has been tinkered with or a de-decommissioned gun.  Both of which are more likely to do harm to you than to someone else.

Although I don't agree with her stance on not saying his name. Absolutely name him, shame him and vilify him. Not saying his name does not help at all and will only make him more notorious.


Regarding that NYT article it is inaccurate in some respects. What is said there does not really reflect the reality of how difficult the process in the UK can be and the limits on what you can actually buy at the end of it. It is also a bit off on Germany as it doesn't go into the jaeger permit procedure which is all about hunting and has some nifty exams about animal behavior and tracks.

The NYT article is utter shite at the end it says: "Buy a gun"

What it should say is Buy a gun that is covered by your license*

*This will be limited to the specific calibre and type of gun and ammunition you want to use, which you need to declare on the licence. Even a decent air rifle requires a licence. YOu cannot get a licence for a "prohibited weapon" That covers pretty much all guns that a mass shooter might want. 

So you canot get a licence ever for:- 

Fully automatic or burst-fire weapons

Semi-automatic or pump-action rifles

Cartridge ammunition handguns.


Also if you do get a licence it is reviewed after 5 years. 

If during the 5 years you come to the polices attention for almost any reason that caused them to think you might be a loony they will turn up and take your guns away. 



The NRA make a roaring trade out of Thoughts and Prayers. 

Home office bought all my and my stepfather's high calibre pistols from us (and loading gear) after Dunblane.  I recall at the time Phil the Greek commenting along the lines of "he could have done it with a cricket bat".

Culpability should not rest on gun control.  Nutterz dun nut.  Trite argument, and agree (fwiw) that there is no reason for automatic, high capacity weapons to be of any use to the civilian, but a car/van/petrol can might be just as destructive.

To go tits-out prohibition is knee-jerk and fuels the hardcore NRA-stylees' stance on any perceived restriction to which they may are currently entitled by law.


Far be it from me to disagree with HRH, but the idea of a Scotsman wielding a cricket bat effectively,  even briefly let alone for the time and exertion it would take to batter 17 to death, would (in other circumstances) be lolsome.

Brrrrrap how many mass killing have we had since we banned most of those firearms?


"Culpability should not rest on gun control." clearly. but stopping people getting the guns is very very effective at stopping them being able to do this sort of thing. 


YOur last sentence sounds like the worst wort of apologist bullshit. 

u do the sums 4 me m8.  16 or so in '96.  Don't keep up with tallies since race or religion became a factor in nutterizm.

The last mass shooting in the UK was in 2010. Derrick Bird, killed 12 people and injured 11. 

He used a .22 and a shotgun. The death toll would have been much much higher if he had automatic weapons. 

Prior to that was Dunblane in 96 which lead to the handgun ban. 

It is nice that the wannabe jihaddis cant easily get hold of proper guns.

In the USA USA USA there is at least one mass shooting every 64 days. Whooop MAGA 


Gun nuts are deeply weird people. 

I have met some and they are all quite deeply odd and exactly the sort of people who should be kept away from guns. 


It is different for the Americans and they don't see wanting guns as weird. It is just normal culture for them. When I lived there I found it very difficult to have a conversation with them about it as it was so deeply ingrained. Following a shooting one of my colleagues actually said it wouldn't have happened if the teachers had been armed. Friend of mine who was living on his own in a one bed flat had 22 loaded firearms in there and an Alsatian. He said he liked to always have one within reach wherever he was in the flat. I did ask him once who he was expecting to visit. It's also not just guys. There were a number of ladies in my block of flats who had things like a pink Glock.

As it happens I lived only a few miles from the NRA HQ but that didn't seem to affect the local level of gun nuttiness which seems prevalent everywhere in the US.

Your friend seems to fit my comment above quite well. 


The friend is also the same guy who tried to con me into attending a prairie oyster eating festival. I did not fall for that one. The point is that the people can be great, intelligent, fun to be around and otherwise nice people and then there is the gun thing.

Nah, in my mind it is like saying he is alright for a racist, or he's great guy apart from all child porn. 

Not quite the same. Child porn is criminal and while the racism is not necessarily criminal it is socially reprehensible in our culture (and in the US). In US culture owning 22 firearms is neither criminal or considered socially reprehensible. At that point you can probably call yourself a collector.

In the UK owning assault rifles is Criminal and IMHO socially reprehensible. That is sort of my point. 

It should be in the USA. 

I know that it's not. 


Wibble I agree that much better gun control is needed in the US, but you can also own a wider variety of firearms in Germany than you can in the UK and it is not that hard to get the permit. Are you also going to have a pop at them?

As dreadful as Dunblane was, if semi-automatics hadn't been banned after Hungerford, we might be coming up to 83 years since the last British Wimbledon men's champion.