The New Statesman finally apologises to Sir Roger Scruton

"In the interview, Sir Roger said of China: “They’re creating robots of their own people … each Chinese person is a kind of replica of the next one and that is a very frightening thing”. We would like to clarify that Sir Roger’s criticism was not of the Chinese people but of the restrictive regime of the Chinese Communist Party.

"Sir Roger is quoted accurately in the article: “Anybody who doesn’t think there’s a Soros empire in Hungary has not observed the facts”. However, the article did not include the rest of Sir Roger’s statement that “it’s not necessarily an empire of Jews; that’s such nonsense”. We would like to clarify that elsewhere in the interview Sir Roger recognised the existence of anti-Semitism in Hungarian society.

"After its publication online, links to the article were tweeted out [by the then Deputy Editor George Eaton], together with partial quotations from the interview – including a truncated version of the quotation regarding China above.  We acknowledge that the views of Professor Scruton were not accurately represented in the tweets to his disadvantage. We apologise for this, and regret any distress that this has caused Sir Roger."


Nice to apologise, eventually.

Doesn't bring back Sir Roger's job on the government’s Building Better, Building Beautiful commission though, and I note George Eaton is still on the payroll at the New Statesman.

About fucking time. The New Statesman is a disgrace. Eaton should have been out on his ear immediately, the little weasel. 

too little too late

George Eaton gives journalism a bad name. He clearly has no interest in the truth.


S/he thinks I'm someone other people say is wibble and others say is ???.

Leave Eaton alone.

He's just trying to prove his ideological purity is higher than that of even Owen Jones.