New silks

there isn't anyone I really know on the new silks list - no swanky parties for Judo.

A couple I know, both very well. Surprised at the amount in the 15-20 years call bracket doing PI/Clin Neg, Employment work. It is going to be super tough for them.

Quite a few I recognise but as my lot are getting on now the ones from my vintage are the straggler brigade rather than the smart Alecs (who have been in silk for a decade or more).

There is a fair number from the Northern Circuit criminal / common law sets. 

Then there are the New Brilliants. Those people who come from the star commercial sets and who have been made up unfeasibly young and will no doubt be as rich as Croesus and so knackered they could earn money doing stunt double work for Keith Richards within a couple of years (and that's just the women).

Standards have slipped,


you cant have QC’s called Lorraine or Dean

Mutters, do you agree , getting Silk from a top commercial or specialist civil common law set is much easier than getting silk from a provincial set, no matter how good one is. The top commercial /civil sets seem to churn them out with ease, with many in their mid 30's

I was surprised I know a few who have phenemonal reputations in their 30's who didn't get the nod. But there again, probably best to max out earnings as a leading senior junior as opposed to enter the infested and crowed silk domain aged 30 in the hope of making the step up. Most or inded a fair few never get their silks practice going in common law areas, hence I suspect so many waiting until their 50's when their sprogs have left school/uni, and the mortgage has been paid down.

I always said if you are a common law/civil bazza and taking silk before 45 you best make sure you are the cream of the crop, or you wil be shafted..

Congratulations to RoF sibling - does said sibling also RoF from time to time?

there's one fella on the list who was a new baby tenant at a set I was instructing a silk at and he was added as a junior on that matter and did a lovely job.  I think of as recent. Clearly I am mistaken. 

There is one who was agreed by all members of the Bar and all Solicitors present in the IDRC at a multi multi multi party hearing in about 2008 as the only attractive human being in the room. Weall got so bored we played snog marry avoid but it failed because everyone was an avoid, one person was a snog and nobody wanted to marry any of them.

hmmm, not sure I agree that an appointment to Silk is easy full stop. I think the point is that in the top commercial sets the workflow and calibre of instructions is vastly better, so the exposure to top firms, the High Court Bench, the major clients and significant matters - all the things that expedite a career come on faster and are sustained for longer and in greater volumes. In short, they work harder quicker. So it is not easier, it is just achieved sooner. But by God do they work in those sets.

many of my friends who have taken silk in the FC/3VB/OEC/BC/Blackstone world are properly dessicated husks of themselves.

Mutteers quite true. I remember when doing an assesesd mini pupillage at a leading commercial set ( not MC) a silk saying , once I got silk I thought life would be easier, with fewer cases, but bigger ones. The reality is for the first five years you work at least as hard as you did as a senior junior just to stand still.


Another peer of mine from bar school is at a MC set, and solicitors and other people find it hard to believe he works 90 plus hours a week, week in week out. The idea they have three 6 week trials a year and do little else for the rest of the year is a myth. They as you say work incredibly hard, and during a tbig trial even harder and longer.

hmm, that's a bit outy, I'm going to report my and wang's posts

Depends on the case. But if it needs money spending, FC is a good place ime.

yeah that's about right. And their Autumn parties in the Royal Exchange are great.



Shut the fuck up

We do not use swear words like that here.

Congrats to the rof-bling.

A few familiar names on there.

3-dux. Feeling bad for rudeness.

Here is the list in Alphabetical order, Surname/Firstname


Aaron / Neville

Abra / Cadabra

Alladeen / Haffaz

Arthurian / Legend

Bombast / Sebastian

Bastardd-Chylde / Simon

Bear / Rupert

Bigot / Felicity

Budgery-Gargh / Ruaraidh

Camptent / Grayson

Cuddlingchapsbitz / Roger

Chopitov / Ivana

Darren / Darren

Dullscott / Murdo

De l'Artisan-Baker / Barry

Ebonythighs / Julia

Fforward-Backwarde / Jolyon

Funbags / Jennifer

Gecko / Isobel

Geekly / Richard

Hardon / Michael

Hardsnatch / Muriel

Hulahoop / Chipstick

Inez Puertobanuz de la Pena Ozario / Derek 

Jam-Sandwich / Farkwynde

Killer / Brian

Lovely / Laura

Mifanwy / Pionne

Nobber / Anthony

Nuthead / David

Next-the-sea / Wells

O / Bea

Painful / Dahlia

Paintbrush / Colin

Poyson / Druscilla

Quiaire / Justin

Redbush / Mhairy

Ronaldsway / Douglas

Sexwee / Julian

Scum / Terence

Trolling / Farright

Teaser /  Kearvey

Ululate / Fiona

Vagina / Dentata

Woahboys / Ahsay

X / Malcolm

Yeswecan / Obama

Zoo / Chester






Terribly disappointed that

Advocaat, Dick

Boom-Bastic, Mista

Essex, Frank

Formaldehyde, Sniff

St John, Sinjeon

Durch Vorsprung, Technik

Have not made the list. 

I used to have a colleague who had been a doctor. He was a bit sinister. We used to nickname him formaldehyde. Mind you that was nothing compared to the poor chap whose nickname was Rosie. He had no idea why.  The reason was that he shared a room with a guy who looked exactly like Fred West. 

I guess all that would now be bullying and inappropriate office behaviour/values fail/respect at work slap on bottom from HR etc.

Mutters I don't think you're really meant to smack people on the bottom any more.  Even if you're in the paramilitary wing of the HR team.

you've made me realise that I can match a famous serial killer to each of my children's first names...  hope that's coincidence

heheheh at Mutterz. The world is a little less fun these days. 

I live in hope that you are wrong, Wang, but you seldom are.

Calling your kids Adolf, Joseph and Pol has other downsides too.

About half of my mates are in silk.  Including a lot of fairly dull ones who've worked hard.  

Lots of lost, broken people.  

Not sure I envy them.  

Can’t argue with any of that

You also have to understand however that plenty of posters on here like the secret society aspect of it, it makes them feel they have something to give away, makes them feel wanted when objectively they have nothing to trade in societal terms. It’s a bizarre form of psychosis as no one should have to think like that, obviously.

and there are some proper nutters. 


I reckon RoF is 70% lawyers, 20% people who have something to do with law, 10% utter lunatics.

In a venn diagram form.

nutter (good name choice, btw), that logic kind of falls down on the assumption that wife takes husband's name.  I can't think of any bazza couples in my social or work circles where this has happened.  But otherwise, good stalky-wierdness!  Go you!

Isn’t the trick to say nothing that you won’t like to be publicly associated with you and do a decent job of work back in the shop so nobody can really complain about you or make mischief by outing? I’m sure many people know who many people are and that’s fine, unless you behave like a knob and create reputational our professional risk for yourself or your organisation. 

nutterbutsquash: which is why I got the relevant posts deleted

and your post should also be deleted

it's not very sensible complaining about amount of information being posted and then posting that information again


And where are

Von Altstatt zu Suburbia, Hugo

Cadence, De

Feather, Fedora


Down, Capability


this thread makes little sense in places now. makes my posts look positively lucid.

Chester Zoo QC's the name. Now listen up young man. You're in trouble on three counts. First, you're in the nick as you've no doubt spotted, and the only way out of it is persuading a Southwark jury that you're a good man.  You clearly aren't. You're barely a man and you don't look good. So this will be something of a challenge for both of us. 

What's that? no, you shut up, I haven't finished my list. Sit down boy and listen.

Second, provocation isn't a defence to insider dealing. So you're going to have to think up some new reasons why you're not guilty.

Third, you've got me acting for you. Don't worry that was just my little joke.  It will be fine as long as you do what you're told and tell me what I want to hear.

I always say "Don't let things fester when you're with Chester" so out with it.  [Takes out hip flask and draws for a sustained half minute]. Ah, the grain.  Now then, how did you come to be in possession of 14,000 Tesco shares when working on the bins in Rotherhithe?


Daniel sauol of 4 new square, got the nod after just 9 years as a tenant, david thomas at 39 essex street 7 years call, jesus thats quick