The New Routemaster door changes

'From Friday 6 March, we are changing the way you board some buses in your area, and you'll only be able to board New Routemaster buses using the front doors on the following routes:
3, N3,16, N16, 24, 27, N27, 68, 91, 148, 159, 168, 189, 390, 415

New Routemasters on remaining routes will change at a later date.

We’re making this change to make sure that everyone pays the right fare and to bring New Routemasters in line with how customers board other buses in London.

You won’t be able to board using the middle or rear doors, and you won’t be able to get off at the front. The yellow card readers in the middle and back of the bus will no longer be in use.

If you need to use the wheelchair priority space, you can still use the middle doors to board. If you’re travelling with a buggy, let the driver know you need to board through the middle doors first. Then, go to the front and touch in on the yellow card reader or show your ticket to the driver.'



Why did TFL spend all this money on buses when they could have got normal double decker busses for half the price


Oh I know BECAUSE IT WAS A BORIS DREAM , another one that is a busted fvcking flush


How are they going to stop you getting on through the other doors that are open to let people out?

Presumably this is going to be an important part of Sadiq Khan't's elcetion campaign?

The re-introduction of Routemasters has certain parallels with Brexit - a nostalgia for 1950s Britain which is no longer relevant or fit for purpose (that said I used to love jumping off a slowly moving routemaster - felt way cool)

time unerringly bends towards a realisation that Boris is a fucking idiot.

towards a realisation?


He has always been an idiot, but a dangerous idiot and they still all voted for him


He was shown up to be an idiot when he did HIGNFY and they still voted for him

These buses have beem on the roads for 8 years. How did it take up until 8 weeks before the Mayoral election for Sadiq Khan's tfl to decide that they need to shut sone doors on them?

Yeh it’s boris fault there are so many fare dodging cunts on the buses

Shouldn't  have had the buses in the first place then should they?  should have bought a fleet of new one door entry buses,  but know  Boris wanted to be the big I am and now we are left with a fleet of white elephants


They are awful buses anyway, cramped and uncomfortable to travel in

They should make the buses free and just up council tax in the outer boroughs a bit. 

Londoners and their moans about public transport make me lol. You should try living in the rest of the country! 

if I wanted to get a bus to work it is 4.50 each way, takes 55 minutes (sub 10 mile journey) and there’s one bus an hour 

The 68, 91, 168 (and the 159, I think) cover the route from Waterloo to Euston and King's X. A bit inconvenient of one has luggage and can't enter and 'ping' at the side door. 

Also inconvenient if one has a case full of files for court.

If it goes London-wide, well, worse still.

Did they try to address fare evading with more random ticket inspections? Letting people on the middle and rear doors reduces queues and times to board on busy routes. The policy change is stupid.

The policy change is stupid.

ALL policy changes are stupid.   We have reached peak stupidity.  Worship the stupid !