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Wang's Upon a Time 12 Sep 19 09:34
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At Waterloo:

"Vegas gave us fear and loathing

England gave us pride and prejudice"

Err, is this what they meant? 

Tag line is "We are not an island, we are part of something far far bigger"

So it could be a really clever thought provoking double meaning.

I don't think it is tho.

The one on the other side of the st says 

" Portugal gave the world marmalade

London welcomed a talking bear"

Ff actual S

I don't know the provenance of marmalade tbf but Dundee strikes me as a less likely source of excess orangage than say porto

I thought the only thing Dundee invented was ghastly cake.

Jam, Jute and Journalism, that's what they say. But by "journalism" they mean The Dandy!

Tbf to Dandy, it did have actual "articles" in it, unlike the Beano.

has anyone heard the macmillan sober October advert?  massive cringe