Nervous about making claim in a personal capacity

Hi everyone

I don't post here but I'd really appreciate the advice of users on a particular issue.

I'm a qualified solicitor and have realised that I'm likely to have a claim against a third party (purely in a personal capacity, nothing to do with work). The amount would be for something like £1500 to £4500.

I genuinely believe that I'll be successful but what concerns me is my status as a solicitor (which the third party knows about). I'm worried that he'll start doing stuff like writing to the SRA. I've seen the extremely aggressive actions of the SRA and SDT in pursuing solicitors and this is giving me pause for thought.

Has anyone else been concerned about this type of thing? Any advice much appreciated.


Is this about the injuries you suffered recently in a car accident or a PPI claim?

No.  Unless you've done something professionally what cause does the other party to the dispute have to try and involve the SRA?  If anything I'd use the solicitor thing to my advantage as the other side will know that you probably have access to free advice from specialists while he'll be having to pay someone.

If you have a legitimate claim and tell the truth / don't abuse process then what are you worried about? Go for it.

Thanks, that's what I thought. You just get nervous when you see the SRA prosecuting solicitors for really minor things.

Are you male?

Do you have a lot of vowels in your name?


Maybe second thoughts if you answer yes to both of the above as there is a bit of a theme to SRA enforcement.

I think you should be fine as long as you follow all laws. There is nothing to stop solicitors bring claims. Just keep it professional and polite and don't use your firm's notepaper etc. however if he is a known criminal consider if you want the hassle of threats and that kind of thing.

What are you worrying about exactly?


If you need reassurance take the code of conduct to bed - if any of it starts to make you uncomfortable then dont go ahead!?


Without more info I cant tell what your cause for concern would be?

Don't write on firm headed notepaper.

Don't use your profession to throw your weight around.

Don't punch the other side.

"however if he is a known criminal consider if you want the hassle of threats and that kind of thing."


Hang on, OP - sounds like Lyds is one of the potential defendant's enforcers - maybe hold off if you value your kneecaps. Your lovely kneecaps. Wot Lyds has no doubt seen whilst you were sleeping. Be an awful shame if anything nasty happened to them, eh?

Guessing from the numbers, if this is a tenancy deposit protection issue it is untried and untested iirc