Neighbour parking heh

Rented house opposite me using it to run a cleaning company and now has about five extra cars parked on the street which is pissing people off (I don't have a car, don't really care). The other day one of them parked across a neighbour's drive who understandably complained as they were blocked in and it all kicked off a bit.

One of their cars was parked on their 'drive' (no dropped kerb) last night and one of the other neighbours blocked them in. 

Watched them panicking about it for a bit before taking pity on them and telling them whose car it was.

Can't decide if I admire my neighbour for making a point or if this is supreme khuntishness.

Small minded petty victories like this make life worth living imho

whose neighbour did what to whose car? I con't follow your awfully drafted post.