Need to be realistic about how screwed I am

Can’t / very hard to go in-house because  litigator 

Can’t make partnership because firm / team blows 

Unemployable in other firms because too senior 

Days in this game surely are numbered 

How senior? I struggled with a move at 6 PQE due to everyone wanting < 3. Got a senior associate gig after 40 or 50 applications. Quite a shock.

Also in-house litigation can be done (I have) but it's an unwise move if you lose your following and client skills from PP.

You're not screwed. You just need to decide what you are willing to put up with and what you're not, and make adjustments accordingly.  I bet you're young enough to make changes too.

About 5 years ago (when I was 35) I had to start again at the bottom of the pile, earning roughly £20k.  Massive eye opener.  I realise you won't do that, but starting again from scratch really puts all the shit you read on here, and what is important, in perspective.  And I'm now back where I started, financially, but in a nicer environment and a better industry, and the only lawyers I hang around with are you cunts, and I choose to do that.

You're not as trapped as you think you are, I guess is what I'm trying to say.

And good luck, with whatever you choose.

In house litigation is totally possible.  Most blue chips and sub-blue chip companies have litigation teams in their in-house legal function.

There are options and I would encourage you not to just think of yourself as a litigator if you want to go in house

There are always partnership options somewhere, surely, even if you have to lower your expectations, if that’s what you want

Plus litigation is a short hop away from risk and regulatory compliance (including elf n safety).  Should be easy enough to broaden your repertoire.

Depends on what you mean by screwed.  If you mean with further progression as litigator - maybe. If you mean with any career using your legal skills - unlikely.  

I know 3 people who have gone from litigation to senior in house roles in the last 12 months, all very different moves, all thought they were stuck being litigators 

Plenty of litigators in-house doing litigation, commercial or generalist roles.


All I know is I’m not getting interviews despite decent CV with no gaps 

10 PQE, pushing 40 

Could be chopped at some stage as not enough work in department 

Stix what did you do to start bottom of the pile on £20k? Genuinely interested - can't be many jobs where the first rung pays so little.... journalism maybe?

Have you got any clients with whom you have a strong relationship that you can approach?


and what sdyss said, there is no reason why a commercial litigator cant draft contracts the litigation experience is a positive for that.


yeah, I mean, litigation is largely project management and there is none of that in house.....

and it's not like litigation reporting impacts the annual report, contingent liabilities and provisions of any company that publishes an annal report or anything......

You're doing well, carry on

or don't, but I doubt you'd do that 

All I know is I’m not getting interviews despite decent CV with no gaps 

10 PQE, pushing 40 


"Decent CV" is subjective and role specific. 


Are you using a recruiter:


If not - no sympathy


If you are - sounds like they are not the right recruiter.


OR you have some expectations that are out of kilter with reality. 


One of the above is true.


What are your motivations for looking at new roles?

There's massive prejudice post around 7 PQE including in-house

Recruiters - don't get me started.

I agree re: all the non-contentious merits of litigators etc  - doesn't mean some box-ticking HR person is going to appreciate those things 


Bottom of the library rung starts at around £18k, even in London.

Maybe try that

Use your contacts.

in 2008 after a role in corporate law I went into management consultancy.  After that I went back into management at a senior level at a major law firm.  I then moved into private equity.

Its not impossible if you have bit of blag.

I know somewhere with loads of litigation roles but you will earn approx 1/3 of what gig do now so :-/

You've certainly fallen behind the pack

They start weeding women out at 35

Men at 45

Being realistic you have no idea what being screwed is 

the saddest part is life is not fair, so you'll never understand how much of a weapon you sound 

Ms radlett (as she is now) it’s not so much about cash within reason. It’s more about being utilised 


anyway this place is difficult for me to inhabit for too long and makes me sad for various  reasons most of them obvious so signing off for now