Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

Do you think she was a spy or not?

Jesus Christ will you cool it. She's a real human being in detention in a country that executes people it suspects of being journalists.

This. ^^

(which is why we can't say, of course she was)

Ronald given she has already been convicted and sentenced for being a spy, what more influence do you think the views of some no-marks on rollonfriday will have?

Do you think the Supreme Leader is sitting there in the palace reading all this drivel to inform his decisions?

It is quite amusing to think of Big Ali K reading RoF.  Wonder what he would make of the various Roffers.

Whether she's a "spy" or not, she's a subject of the Crown, accused of speaking out against an evil regime, and we need to secure her release.

TBH , it looks like  the FO doesnt really care or they would have done more

Which proves my point. We won't stand up to these ****ers.

Are you suggesting we go and bomb the prison and then swoop in and pluck her from the debris?

Err, she has been granted diplomatic protection by the UK.  I think it’s a little harsh to say the FO doesn’t care.

You know this because you have sitrep briefings on confidential foreign matters I guess?

Work is being done but progress is not being made, due to her mixed nationalities mainly, that is not the same as doing nothing.

The FO are taking expert briefings from a fishing boat called The Jolly Todger where one of their best ever agents has retired.  instead of using the rod, he uses his clandestine paramilitary skills to taser mackerel.  His knowledge of Iran is second to everyone.  If no1 else can help u, and if u can find him...  u r proper fckd

What else can the FO do apart from make calls and send strongly worded letters?  She's held in a secure prison in the middle of another country so tricky to just spirit her to safety as we could if she was out of jail and able to get to the coast.

Did Bridget Jones get diplomatic protection when she got done for drug smuggling?

No of course I don't. Don't be a retard.

Apparently the Masons are quite big in Iran. I think it’s because they all like to have ground sounding names.

Anyhow, I think that the Grand Vizard of West Cornish Bailiwick should get on Skype  to the Supreme Master of Tehran and do a bit of virtual nipple chaffing to secure her release.

Yes but only in a very technical sense.

Don't really know what else the uk can do. A war I guess.

Also maybe go back in time and not reselect Boris Johnson

She is an Iranian national.  Dual Iranian-British to be precise.  

She broke Iranian law.

It's a tough case on which to bring diplomatic pressure. Other countries shrug 'She's Iranian'.

Of course if she'd been working for Ross Perot, she'd be out by now. That was an impressive operation!…

Reminds me, I need to watch the movie 'On Wings of Eagles'.


Oh, it seems that the tale of Ross Perot's hostage rescue 'On Wings of Eagles(2016)' is a five-part TV mini-series.

There is also a movie 'On Wings of Eagles(2017)' which is the story of Eric Liddell after the Olympics. That sounds good too.

Bottom line is that she is an Iranian national who happens to also have British nationality. 

The Iranian regime does not care about her British nationality (except in so far as she is leverage to extract payment of about 300 million quid for an aborted arms deal from the 1970s with the Shah.)

The Revolutionary Guard would hang her in a moment if she was not worth more alive than dead.

Worth more alive than dead to Iran. For the moment. 

And a further warning. This may happen x 1,000 when the dust from the Hong Kong protests settle. Where are Gavin Williamson´s gunboats now?