The naked economist from Gonville and Caius

What an arse

Apparently she often gives lectures naked too

as is her approach to waxing

I guess I always like a totally unembarrassed woman but

I did not need to see that

What an arse


Maybe, but as you haven't posted a picture we can't judge.

First one, yes.  Second one is her in a sheer body stocking, so perhaps not.

A roffer tweeted a vid of her earlier.  It's a proper chuff.  I think I defer to buzz in terms of proper description.

I mean it's uncool to judge another lass's topiary choices but I didn't ask to see

I think there's something strangely attractive about her.

I see she's apparently challenged JRM to a naked Brexit debate...

I do respect her total confidence and I bet she is fun in bed as a consequence but jeezo lady put some knickers on when you're speaking to john hunphreys

Her husband should be keeping her under some sort of control 

I see what you mean about the smile Clergs. 

Can definitely imagine her going a bit “Patrick” in a see through mac. 

Just seen a story about her stripping off during a radio interview on the Daily Heil.  She's actually got a pretty decent body.

I see she's apparently challenged JRM to a naked Brexit debate...

hehe, brilliant. 

Porridge skin?  What on earth are you talking about?

I'm assuming it's like Brian May and Anita Dobson's shower plughole?

It looks like she’s sat on John McEnroe’s shoulders (in the 70s)

You mean concentration camp/ lesbian  correctional facility


I can only conclude that the heating in the lecture facilities at Gonville and Caius is significantly better than it’s counterparts in other colleges.


Buzz it's worse than that, it's like brian may and anita dobson had a hot tub with brian blessed, bungle and 14 highland longhorns

Do you think she got drunk and made a silly bet with someone?

If she did it was to get a piggy back ride from rory mcgrath

Woman has normal body shocka.

Getting it out is a bit extreme, particularly at this time of year, and she's fucking mental to suggest anyone wants to see JRM with his kit off, but otherwise, why are you pasty, tubby, middle aged wankers getting all judgy about her perfectly reasonable body?

Can't comment on the topiary because I didn't click the heil link.

I dont think that wang has a normal pasty tubby middle aged body! He is far fatter than normal. 

I think I’m going to start a campaign for a naked Brexit March assuming Brexit is delayed until it’s a bit warmer...

I don't find her nakedness offensive and I don't see that her smile is anything odd, but sod me her voice is annoying.  I lasted about one minute of her Brexit video.  Pity the poor sods who have to put up with that on a regular basis to get their degree.