Naked Attraction

So the other night I was scrolling through the channels and happened upon this programme. I pressed OK to see what it’s like and also in the hope that there might be a nice pair of tits to look at. But what was on offer were two weird looking chaps with what seemed to be legless tardigrades sticking out from their groins. 

I was pretty sure mine doesn’t look like that face on, but to double check I stood in the bath opposite the mirrored wall cabinet and dropped my shorts. It was with not a little relief that I saw that my penis does not in fact look like a tardigrade from any angle. 

But then again I am circumcised which no doubt accounts for that. 

I am not sure whether this is an argument for or against circumcision as standard practice but if it were any argument at all, it would be in favour of circumcision if aesthetics were a factor. So in this regard (and this regard only) it’s a +1 for the jews and muslims. 

(Full disclosure: I am considering submitting the above to R4 for a slot on Thought for the Day)

Sounds like a great fit for the God slot.

is that what they’re calling fanoirs these days?

Water bears are a lot cuter than uncut cocks tbh 

The circumcision of infants is a vile and barbaric practice that should be outlawed in the same way a FGM. 

If you like it like that, do it as an adult with consent. 



Wibble, let me guess, you’re not circumcised.

It’s always you lot getting indignant on behalf of us Roundheads. I’ve never met one of my kind who isn’t delighted with his beautiful penis. The only sore Roundheads are the ones who had it done for medical reasons when they were teenagers ie. too late. 

Run along boss. 


I have been told my own natural bits are also beautiful.

You do understand that you sound like a village woman from Somalia defending FGM don't you?


[by a lonely trucker pretending to be a hot MILF eh sails?]

No Panda by a genuine lady who was closely acquainted with it at the time.

I'm tempted to apply to be on the show.

Wait, is this a cock brag thread or a religious cripple fight?

I don't know how to post pictures on this but I saw a really funny one on IG the other day with a woman holding a placard saying "No one wants less penis"

Personally, much prefer them as nature intended and generally easier to um, well, yeah.

hilarious boasts

Re Meh's point - is there much of a difference in ease of um, well, yeah...? ;)

A friend of a friend went on Naked Attraction

The night it aired her friend put screen shots on FB

It defo takes some guts to basically shurugg off any fear of what anyone you know thinks to go on it

Anyone tempted to go on it? ;)

Re Meh's point - is there much of a difference in ease of um, well, yeah...? ;)



From an operational point of view I find there really is a difference. At least where hands are concerned.

Fair enough. In answer to MM- wouldn’t choose to go on Naked Attraction. You would have to be mental, a massive extrovert or someone who gets off on streaking to do so, imo.

I've said this before but I think the premise of the programme is sound by the execution doesn't work.  I'd certainly consider a naked first date to strip away the impression that someone creates with their choice of outfit, etc.

Interesting observation by Meh  - can't say I've ever handled the issue, ahem

That would be interesting - nekkid first dates, without the cameras

Sails you should perhaps sugest it to the next Bumble potential

apparently uncut cocks hurt less on an anal decoupling because they don't have the helmet lip exposed (according, as this is rof, to your mum).

If men were supposed to not have foreskins they would have evolved without them.

alan decoupling doesn't hurt, its like taking a dump. Its the entrance that can be a bit sore. 

I'll take your word for it - I just read an article on pro/anti foreskins and that was cited as an advantage of foreskin, but I bow (FACING YOU ONLY) to your superior knowledge.

MM I shall keep it in mind if I find someone who I think is suitably open minded.

Altho there's the obvious ahem "risk" of that first meeting if she was actually v attractive in person

That absolute tool last night had 'date rapist' written all over him.