my friend has done his leg in and now needs a stick to walk

he is 45!

and has to wait 29 weeks for an NHS appointment

meantime presumably he can just get obese and then get on a waiting list for heart and pancreas stuff

anyway, arg the body and entropy and whatnot

In my experience hobbling about is far more effort than walking normally so he shouldn't end up obese.  I've previously spent 12 months with limited mobility ranging from totally unable to move to limping about and didn't end up obese.

my husband has done his knee in and is often on a stick/crutches (it's apparently not fixable)

his epilepsy medication makes him prone to wait gain and not being able to cycle means he has become borderline obese

which puts more weight on the knee and fucks it up more and will no doubt lead to other health problems

the most frustrating thing is me gently and sometimes robustly suggesting that he gets a physio/personal trainer falls on deaf ears

drives me insane. I developed arthritis in my 40s and make sure I am fit to stop it turning me into a raddled old crone but men are so fucking stubborn and in denial sometimes

Queenie I'll introduce him to my dad who now struggles to get out of a chair because it's easier to accept decrepitude than to do some exercise and maintain some muscle mass.

Queenie he so needs some physiotherapy.  It could make a massive difference.  I’ve had a couple of reasonably bad sports related injuries and physio has made a massive difference to recovery and quality of life.  Should be able to get some on the NHS if cost is an issue.

Physio can take it so far but he should be trying to exercise (and control his diet) on his own.  It’s a real chore to do it every day when it hurts and you know that one bit isn’t ever getting better but it keeps the weight off.

The husband of an old schoolfriend of mine chucked himself out of a window when he was 23.  They had been going out since first year of uni.   he was paralysed from mid back down.  they subsequently married and she acts by eve as his carer.  by day she is a teacher of extremely violent special needs teens.

i am glad there are people as good as this in the world.

I fell on my knee last year and cracked it (and also broke my jaw) when I fell down stairs.

Losing some weight (I still have more to go) has made a MASSIVE difference, as has gardenating!


Ouch Doggers.  I've cracked a knee and certainly smarts a bit.

Are you sure your friend isn't borrowing an MO from the chap in Line of Duty? Otherwise I guess the moral of the story is don't catch syphilis. 

Teclis a good physio will guide him on the types of exercise he should be doing to supplement the physio work.

Thanks all - he's had physio and it made it worse, he's basically been told that it is tendon damage that needs to heal on its own - but I totally agree that he needs a physio-qualified personal trainer who can advise ways of strengthening it without aggravating it and how to keep the rest of his body fit

middle age is such a fucker, you just don't heal in the same way you used to


My mum is the same.  Back problems and she says all physios do is write out lists of exercises.

That’s right mum, but you are supposed to fucking do them! 

Many years ago I injured myself and learned the lesson about not doing physio the hard way.  Has taken years to get my injured shoulder back into working order as a result.

I don't think physio by itself is always helpful though.

I had treatment for tendonitis in my shoulder and the physio unlocked all kinds of back issues that were perfectly fine when left alone and I was in agony for months

I then bought a new mattress and the problems disappeared overnight and 6 years later are still fine

but then when I broke my toe I saw a sports physio was was great at helping maintain fitness while letting the injury heal

Yes they are excellent for muscle damage where you lose strength and need to slowly build it back up.

My friend has done his leg in,

Hip-hip, his hip is fucked,

My friend has done his leg in,

And he's stuck now on a crutch.