my favourite cartoon

I'm more a Viz's "Jump Jet Fanny and her Hawker Siddeley twat" kind of guy.  You'll be astonished to learn.

When I was at university, I was really into the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

I can't find Molesworth's all-time greats foopball team online anywhere.

I seem to recall it went something like:

Goal - Goliath

Centre backs - the Gracchi

Centre mids - self, skool dog

Right wing - Julius Caesar

Centre forward - Jack the Ripper

I forget the wing backs and left wing.

Wasn’t there a Greek Philosopher in the back four?  


Foopball is a tuough game but it is a pity you canot win by hacking everybode. You hav to be nippy.

My research says 


'Personally I am not good at foopball I just concentrate on hacking everbode. Headmaster yell at me he sa MARK YOUR MAN MOLESWORTH ONE what does he think I am the arsenal chiz. Acktually fotherington-tomas is worse than me he is goalie and spend his time skipping about he sa Hullo clouds hullo sky hullo sun etc when huge centre forward bearing down on him and SHOT whistles past his nose. When all the team sa you should hav stoped it fotherington-tomas he repli "I simply don't care a row of buttons whether it was a goal or not nature alone is beattful." i do not think he will catch the selectors eye.

My recollection was Goliath in goal, with Romulus and Remus playing as the backs; the 'skool dog', 'self' and Richard I were in midfield; and then Julius Caesar, Cain (not Abel), Jack the Ripper, Livy and Esau up front.   'I think a few of those would hold their own in any company and there mite even be a revolution in foopball methods.'

I don't recall the all time world XI being illustrated, sadly



Romulus  Remus

Skool dog   self    Richard I

Julius Caesar.       Cain.     Jack the Ripper.   Livy.  Esau

Ref Solomon

Another vote for Jump Jet Fanny (thanks for sending me the jpg, Buzz - we had a tea towel made out of it).


Also Ulysses 31.



Judy, me too! Especially Fat Freddie's Cat and the War of the Cockroaches.  Sold all my Freak Brothers comics last year though.