My employer

Has said we are not allowed travel to the amber or red list countries and if you have a holiday booked to a green list country and it goes amber you have to cancel.


Are they allowed to do this given travel to amber list is not illegal?

You should seek legal advice. Post your work phone number and I'll call you to discuss. 

What if the country turned from green to amber while you're holidaying there?

why tf do they care, as long as you take a laptop/whatever you need to work - and can continue working if you get stuck?

Mine are saying "case by case" I think if you go knowing a qurantine will be needed (i.e. Amber) they are saying you need to take that from your leave. If you get caught out by an unexpected change (like I did last year) they just give paid leave. 

Lol fook that. 1. I wouldnt tell them. 2. If they found out, I’d tell them I never recognised their apparent right to dictate where I spend my annual leave and ask them to prove that right if they think it exists.

We have to say where we're going when we book now. I'm surprised they haven't insisted on ankle bracelets.

Pretty sure they can't do that, but the waiting list for the ET is about 2 years now so they probably can.

You’re contracted (presumably) to work in the office and your holiday terms are presumably such that you need their agreement. 

Now if they agree to 3 weeks hols and you go to an Amber list for two weeks then quarantine in your last week of holiday they’d be on difficult ground. Presumably though you’re planning a two week and then not showing up to the office for quarantine?  I reckon they’re on safe ground telling you to foxtrot oscar for that. 

I don’t get the issue given wfh for the last 18 months -what’s 10 days at the end of a trip wfh matter.


OD you'd be pretty screwed on number 2 when they demanded your attendance at the office to discuss the evidence they have gathered a a disciplinary meeting.

I’d say fvck yo office bitch I’m afraid of the vu and I only had one jab. Nuh-uh am I going into nobody’s office till you guaranteeing my well-being. 

Can’t you just say you went to a green country and you got pinged after the flight home and had to isolate for 10 days. How are the ever going to know, then can’t ask for proof of destination can they? 

Just a point of clarification, if you return to the U.K. from an amber country, my understanding is that you can self isolate at home, and test your way out ie 2nd and either 5th or 7th day (I cannot remember), but if you return from a red country, you have to quarantine in a hotel for ten days, no testing to get out, and it may feel like Borstal. 

I had a similar issue come up at my shop a few years ago. They claimed that they needed to know where you were as it affected (and was a condition of) their health and certain other insurance policies at the time. Don't know if that was a load of bull or not.