My cat george
Wang's Upon a Time 01 Sep 19 09:50
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He is well and truly in the departure lounge.  Found a lump on his back last week and were waiting for a book appt.  No need now m7s - it has metastacised (sp?) Into about 20 odd lumps along spine and back legs.  He barfed all over the carpet this am and   Stay tuned for more depressing updates...

Might go to the ridiculously expensive butcher and buy him a sirloin.

In other news Alexandra has just been triggered by sesame street playing on an iPad (cookie monster)

Oh poor George! Sorry to hear this m8

It's the inevitable result of having a pet sadly m7.  Still - somewhere between 15 and 17 is a decent innings for a mongrel from Battersea.


What r u up to these days

Sorry to hear this. Can't say I am a cat person but I have enjoyed the tales of George over the years.  Hope his final days are not too stressful (for both you and him). 

Sorry to hear this Wang.  In addition to sirloin, perhaps George would like some prawns and an extra fluffy cat bed?


Cheers all.  He already has a lot of cat beds - including one of those fluffy hammock things that hang off the radiator.  He's had 2 leftover cumberlands this morning and I have a tin of tuna ready to go.  Can't buy fresh fish on a Sunday round here minks

Poor George and poor Wang family. Also not a cat person but losing a pet is very tough. Hope he enjoys the tuna and any other tasty treats you can find for him.

Sympathies. We had to say goodbye to our cat last week after 19 years. Her back legs just gave way and she couldn't move. It had been coming for some time.

***defective cat update***

He has been meowing a lot.  Assume it is pain or brain degradation or both.  More pukago and weird manic eating/drinking behaviour.  Leaving bog seat  up is now a capital offence chez mois.


On the plus side he just meaowed and got alexa to play paint it black.  Think alexa may also have the bad aids

I too had a cat called George.  He was the most perfect pet ever.  We were devastated when he died.

Lots of good vibes to your George, Wang.

Crikey does the vet not do emergency appointments? Or can another vet step in? Sounds like George is not having a great time :(

I dread the final visit to the vet. For the cat too. 

Meh there is basically nothing they could do except endgame - he basically snoozes or tries to drink pooskids and wee out of the toilet so the decision to put him down is hard - that's basically what bad man and ntf have been doing for yearz

Sorry to hear about poor George. He should have met my parents' cat who liked to drink out of the bidet which left guests confused as to why there was always an inch of water in the bottom of the bidet.

Aren't bidets a bit naff?

Sorry to hear about George, Wang :(

oh wang I didn't think it was possible to love you  more (give the cat raw chicken wings or fish; he won't manage sirloin in this state)

He did you know.  And a whole tin of tuna (line caught obv).

Poor George.  In other news, two of our cats have started growling and hissing at each other (but only when they've been outside).  Any idea what might be causing it (other than going outside) and how to prevent it (other than not letting them outside)?

very sad. lost my 16 year old dog recently and still see him everywhere in the house. hope you get to spend some quality time together

Are they both boys, Badders? Might be a territory thing.

Might be a power play thing.  Zara (the mum) is getting old and has been a bit nervy in the new place.  Could be that Sansa is trying to usurp her.  Very GOT.

Sorry to hear it Wang.  George Wang has always played a part in the RoF narrative, along with your mate Dave and Furio's mum.   Not all together, you understand.  But, actually, thinking about it, it is impossible to rule that out entirely.  I have never had the chance to quiz Furio's mum about this and your mate Dave is fictional, plus George remains silent on the subject. This could be the cause of the lumps, so now we piece together the elements of this sorry tale it becomes increasingly likely that it is some diabolical orgy that has set all this off. Anyhow, I sense I'm getting a little derailed from the original sentiment. 

I salute George and his lumps.  That was what got my Dad in the end (brain lump, not a clusterfuck with Furio's mum and a cat, FAOD).  It also got one of my past cats - the orange one whose name was Oxford (after the marmalade).  Zephyr, his brother, who was black and menacing, started to beat up on him at his time of need. So there was Ox all laid low under the bed, vomming up his last, and Zephyr used to come in and set about him. Supremacist (the cat. Not my Dad).

Thought about this some more.

This is like his mate Dave. George doesn't exist. it is an avatar for Wang to hide in. What he is telling us is that he has some weird lumps and is licking skids off the toilet, manic eating/drinking etc.

In other words nothing to report, situation normal at Wang towers.

With 'ox all laid' you have missed a great chance at a joke re arsenal's over priced wing minge.  You could have also combined it with previous appeasers in the political sphere which may be cuttingly relevant.  For shame sir.

Ps Dave exists, as does George (The latter, ish)

Oxford was a very fine cat. Ginger with stripes but darker than your average ginger mog. You’d say chestnut if he had been a horse and he wasn’t far off in size. Immense cat who held all before him in deep fear. Except Zephyr who was pretty much the Uber Alpha feline. Black, pantheresque, sleeker and softer. Hunter beyond compare (brought a goose in once, moles frequently, and twice a weasel, alive and angry). Purred like he was playing a drum down the chimney. If he had had a voice it would have been a mix of James Earl Jones and Windsor Davies.  

He slowly turned on Ox in later life until the latter lay scared under the spare room bed and wasted away. Oxford died of a series of bad things including immunity issues (Cat AIDS) and then lumps and all over cancer.

At his passing, Zephyr appeared in the room and ran at him and growled then peed on his head. Then he stood there and, I swear I saw him lift one furry digit to give Ox the bird, then he strolled out  of the house through the front door (which he had never done - always the flap). When he came back in, I think he had an entire marching band with him, including Sousaphones. He was twirling a baton and singing here we go. 

Badders.. as a huge Jackson Galaxy fan myself ... and proud owner and reader of several of his books.

I would guess that the issue is territorial. Do they tend to focus the aggression at one point in the house? Is there enough space, do you have several ‘highways’ through the space? 

The outside part might also be a trigger in that  one or the other may also be meeting or associating with another cat while outside and therefore comes back smelling odd. 

Is there a rainbow bridge for cats?

P.S. Is Dave still available? I feel he's the kind of guy I'd like to be with.

Sad times. Our cat died suddenly and life has been shit ever since. She was black so obv brought luck. If she'd made it perhaps BoJo would have had a stroke. 

In tangential news this evening, our cat (fat tabby, eats the dog biscuits) rushed across the kitchen island this evening in anticipation of my filling her plate with biscuits, and entirely misread the situation because of some post piled up in the edge and overlapping. Ahead she saw the edge but it was the edge of an envelope, not the stone top, and below her paws there was only air for brief, startled, millisecond. A cry of shock and a vain attempt to claw the air and levitate, but then a stylish dismount. ‘I’m fiiiiiiine’ she claimed as she strode across the floor but the dog was there to receive her, amused and ambitious. Pinned down and humped the hissing and embarrassed cat in celebration. 

Actual tears of joy at the levitating cat post from Mutters.

Scy he is mainly prostrate on the floor of the lounge.  Doing a great job of looking dead until a child leaves a bowl of cereal unattended or a toilet lid up.

He does this weird thing of answering you if you say MEOWWW at him.  Which has caused me to wonder if I am some sort of cat parseltongue but without the understanding bit.  I am probably saying "George u fucking flange" or similar.

This has put me in mind of one of my fave Harry Enfield sketches:

Dr Doolittle, he talks to the animals...

"Now say bollocks"

I quite often talk to my dog in English and she speaks back to me in a strange yowling yawn.  We have this weird conversation where neither of us actually know what the other has said but it continues. I wonder if one day we will break through.

I suspect, if accurately translated it goes like this:

me: good morning, did you have a nice sleep, shall we go for a walk?

her: I was asleep. please don't make me get off the sofa.

me: come on, let's go for a walk

her: sofa. sleep. no no no.

me: come on lazy bones, let's go for a walk. off you get.

her: for fuck's sake you arsehole. You're twisting my mellow, man.

me: walk?

her: fuck off?

I think it would be better in adamsian 

mutters - morning floppy shall we go for a walk

floppy - I have been telling you for fucking weeks the vogons are coming!

mutters - come on sausage

floppy - I am not a fucking sausage u prick there is a fleet of alien ships about to destroy the planet

Douglas Adams' brother (step bro/half bro?) was in my year at school. Looked similar. Very decent and creative guy.

Half brother. James Thrift.  Rather important now in the H2G2 / Douglas Adams Foundation business.

My m7 Dave's dad was at the same college in (i think) Oxford as DA.  DA obviously went on to greater things.  Dave's dad taught physics to people like me.

I think his best work (Adams not Dave's dad) was long dark teatime of the soul.

Dave's dad's best work was getting us all entirely legitimate copies of the computer game lemmings.