My best timepiece

Blancpain fifty fathoms with exhibition back

What does this say about me?

Had never heard of them and if I saw it I'd assume it was an inexpensive copy of a posh watch.  However, having looked them up it appears to say more money than sense.

Omega Sea Master 44mm in Sedna rose gold on a rubber bracelet.

Like my bluesy a lot, gets the wrong attention sometimes.

Waiting on my OP Celebration dial, which I should have in two weeks

I will probably sell the Omega soon, its bloody chunky, relatively speaking, and PX it for a Cholocate face Daytona on an Oyster flex. That said love the look of the latest releases from JLC, and you probably wont get robbed for it.

absolutely noting tasteless about it....I don't think you'll find a more under-stated watch for the money (16k). 

JLC are another class brand agreed ebitda

Davos...can still taste your bitterness from here m7

Appreciate this is probably just a wind up but I do really like some of the fifty fathoms watches provided they don't have weirdly proportioned numerals/dial markings. There is a really nice one in ceramic and stainless steal that came out recently that I am very tempted by. 

Big bucks for a casual looking watch though. 

why would it be a wind up?

big bucks for casual is exactly the point...people expect gold and diamonds for that price but instead you get a classically understated masterpiece.  Doesn't mark you out as a turbo and only those that know watches really appreci8 it.

yes I avoided the grande date version 

I have a couple of panerais too including the new quarantaquattro but they are a bit more showy/mainstream

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why would it be a wind up?


He went Quartz.  Every fooker has alloy wheels, but Ego rocks the hubcaps with pride.