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Have any of you noticed a correlation between foetal movements and behaviour after birth? Current baby is a hypo ninja compared to my previous. 

i'm just relieved the little buggers are moving.

(although now they're out and about, it's nice when they're not)

mrs used to say that our boy was very active en ventre and he is now he's out and about - prepare for mayhem!

Gratz Betty!

yes both of mine were and are active both in and out - particularly my boy. Have fun!! ;)

the second child syndrome thing seems to be real i.e. first child = calm and serene, second child = mental as fuck

What happens if your first is mental and you’ve another on the way? Asking for a friend

17 months and a ball of care free inquisitive, climbing, bashing, pulling, pushing, throwing, running, hiding, noisy, joyful energy. he was very active in the womb - more and more toward due date.

how far gone with number 2?

My wee one wriggled and hiccupped constantly when I was carrying him and that has continued since he arrived. On the plus, all the wriggling burns energy so he’s a brill sleeper.

your current one has more space in there as things have previously been moved, and therefore you can feel more movement

Thanks Anna! It’s worth it for the year off work alone, so I recommend it. 😉

ML and ZG, our first moved around constantly, didn't sleep when he arrived and screamed for one year. 


Our second was the exact opposite. She's made up for it since.

Our first started moving for the first time when I put pantera on in the car.  Thud thud thud went mrs W's tummy.  Fuvking Hostile, if you're interested.  The tune I mean, although also a good description of both #1 and mrs w...

Heh@ Wang and HEH @ very smitten DPW.

First child was very settled as a baby so I’m stuffed if this one is a screamer/mental. He was not a great sleeper though (count yourself lucky there LL).

I’m just over halfway and definitely have popped more than last time, so the more room theory makes sense. 

I can't really remember being pregnant but I know they didn't move much and I was constantly paranoid. 


I had a Doppler with my first, for that reason. Won’t be bothering with this one unless it goes quiet. 

utterly smitten! it's a strange and wonderful thing.