Most you have ever spent to attend a wedding?

In time and money.

Just had to drop a shedload of the latter for a week of the former to travel 8,000 miles.

Fking m8s... more hassle than they're worth tbh.

Went to Kiwiland and back once for a wedding. Mega $$$ it cost and timewise too as I took time to do some exploring afterwards so as to make best use of the mollah that went out the door on the airfares. 

couple of grand on a long weekend in Stockholm

it was a great trip tbf

wouldn’t go long haul for a wedding unless I could legit tack on a holiday I wanted to do

Sent Mrs Fun and Master Fun (when he was 3) to New Zealand which was $$$, but the money cost was nothing compared to the actual cost of looking after Ms Fun (10 months old) for a month straight while working.  Worst.  Month.  Ever.

£2500 for a week in an Italian Castle.  There was a noro-outbreak in the castle.  We escaped, but about 80% of the wedding party were double ending for 2-3 days.  An experience.

2 weddings in Aus but then if you make it a fortnight's holiday you can't really say you spent the entire cost on the wedding. My sister's wedding in Croatia was fooking spenny but that was a ten day holiday so doesn't count either.

"nothing compared to the actual cost of looking after Ms Fun (10 months old) for a month straight while working.  Worst.  Month.  Ever."


Ibiza.  What a hell hole that place is.  Got off to a splendiferous start when our entire plane load (yep) were held at the airport on arrival by the Spanish Police because 2 or 3 idiots had stolen the life jackets from the plane.  We were released at around 2 am.

Ben to Australia from the UK, South Africa from the UK and the US a couple of times when in the Middle East.

I don't remember how much I spent but went to a wedding in Missouri. A group of us hired a big SUV in Nashville and did a little road trip via Memphis ending up in Chicago. It was fun!

Oooof... not alone in this boat then.

Wangsun's trip sounds similar to how this one will turn out.

u lot are too nice to ur m8s.  Was hoping to swerve this one cos didn't get the visa for the (forrin) missus and steppy in time.  Unfortunately that wasn't enough.  Fúcking dreading it tbh.

it's in a town hall to boot. :(

Lots to oz. Waste of time - shyt wedding and total nellends the pair of them

I wonder how many people think this about my wedding. There's a few I haven't really heard from since. 

going somewhere exotic wouldn't be so bad if coming from somewhere unexotic.  I'm coming from the tropics to London. gutted.

I say no to ones that I don't want to go to or are too far away. Therefore, the ones I've been to were all brilliant and worth every dime. The all-expenses covered to a private island off montenegro actually ended up being surprisingly ££ based on expenses that weren't all expenses covered (but was awesome).

How often have you said no to a wedding that was going to be costly / time-consuming to attend?

If you did say no, would you tell them straight or try to make up some kind of excuse?

"Oh, sorry, i almost always get a cold that week of the year so i just dont think i'll be well enough to fly to Fiji."

I said no to a wedding on the other side of the UK because it was going to take all weekend, i was really busy at work and i just couldnt be bothered. Wasnt exactly close friends though.

I said no to two in the USA (one w coast and one deep sth) l. I was a trainee at the time and said I didn’t have the time or cash. One of them had a Uk wedding as well that I was a part of so no issue. The w coast one I should have gone for broke on probably. Tant pis.