Most moving big/small screen deaths

I have been quite moved by the checking out of a character in neighbours recently. Very sensitively handled I felt. I felt the same with that bit in terminator 2 when arnie gets lowered into the molten steel. Have you ever thought a screen death especially moving? 

Hans Gruber falling from the Nakatomi Plaza. He had so much life left to live.

The only real answer to this is Roy's death at the end of Blade Runner.  So tragic that the entire crew were reduced to tears.

Coco is the best film to handle death and never fails to make me ugly cry at the end

Blade Runner, yes. Also Wolverine. 'So this is what it feels like...'

Clive - zoes mum Fay. She had been deteriorating with Huntington's before getting pneumonia. It's not a way to go.

The bit in top gun also with goose just prone in the water and the air medic guy shouting 'weve got to leave him sir'. Powerful stuff. No wonder maverick didnt win the top gun trophy.

Small screen it has to be arya cutting litttlefinger.  Or maybe ragnar lothbrok in vikings. 

Big screen I would say is a tougher call.  Maybe Sean bean in LOTR? 

Morse. Still don’t have it in me to re-watch The Remorseful Day.

Oh, and Grave of the Fireflies. Hers slightly more so than his.

Optimus Prime in Transformers the animated movie from the 80s. Vision in Infinity War.

Uncas yes. But also Alice Munro seconds later.

Recently - Baron Noir, when Amélie Dorendeu decides she has had enough. Don't do it Amélie.



Jon Voight in The Champ

Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons


Poussey in OITNB

Murtagh in Outlander


When william wallace gets chopped up at the end of braveheart is pretty bad as well actually. He was a real mans man that guy.

The final scene in the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth

Presumably only up until the moment they chopped his man bits off though?

For Linda

I want you to tell her that I cannot explain... ...why I broke with her as I did. But that since then, my life has been worth nothing. I pushed the blade in deeper than you just have my boy... ...and now I need you to help me withdraw it. Tell her it is lucky for her that I have gone... ...and I am glad not to have to live without her. Tell her, her love was the only real happiness that I have ever known. Will you do that for me?

i need to watch it now


What the OP said. Fay's death in Neighbours was really sensitively done. It's why it's the best soap. 

In fact I was going to post the same thing myself earlier. 

Props to Doug Mountjoy as a fellow fan.

The wife at the start of Up

Yondus Funeral in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 

Literally just watched the clip on YouTube 

love that film 

When Clarence dies in True Romance. It’s only in the alternate ending 

But look at it, Johnny. Look at it! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, man. Just let me go out there, let me get one wave before you take me. One wave. Where am l gonna go, man? Cliffs on both side. l'm not gonna paddle to New Zealand! My whole life has been about this moment, Johnny. Come on, compadre. Come on. COME ON!

Via con Dios!

What the fook, Utah? You let him go!

No, l didn't.

No way! The guy's nuts. We'll get him when he comes back in.

He's not coming back.

Wallace being shot by Poot and Bodie in The Wire.  

Bodie's last stand on his corner.

Props back 3. I have read enough on here to know you're the real deal neighbours wise.


As I think there was something magnificent about the way kurt Russell checked out in Poseidon. That's a gutsy way to dance.

Bambi's mum. Try eating venison after that you heartless bastards.

Most upsetting ones for me:

The policeman in Reservoir Dogs

Baby in Trainspotting

Frank Sabotka in The Wire

Wallace in The Wire

Jenny in Forrest Gump

Bambi’s mum/Mufasa dead heat

Hank in Breaking Bad

Chris in the Sopranos was bad but I always hated him 

Point break! Jeez that's so right. Superb call. 

That sickening moment in rocky 4 when drago bashes him up. 'If he dies he dies'. Just grotesque.

Bill Nighy’s character in About Time (that film makes me sob tho) 

The beginning of Up, when his wife dies

Hillary in Beaches

Artax the horse in The Neverending Story

Bing Bong - Inside Out (yes, I love Pixar/Disney)

Shelby - Steel Magnolias




Balsa Boy in Viz. “Oh Daddy, why does it hurt so much?”

Stardust beat me to it. The death of the horse in The Neverending Story is by far the saddest ever scene in film.

Sergeant Elias in Platoon and clearly all the deaths in Taken.

The end of leon is beautiful as well actually. 'A present from matlida' as he gives stansfield the grenade pin. That's a magnificent way to go out.

Chambers I know it is being pedantic, but the death you are thinking of was in Logan, not Wolverine which was the crappy movie set in Japan, or even worse if you could have people thinking it was X Men Origins Wolverine

oh good shout ftse you’ve reminded me

the body - btvs


Was oddly affected by the death of Heather in Highlander.  It was the Queen track what did it!

And to think that the gorgeous Heather is now the rather less toothsome Prudie in Poldark

Commander Andersen and his squad in "The Rock".  


Hummel: Goddamn it, Commander, one last time. You tell your men to safety their weapons, drop 'em on the deck.

Anderson: I cannot give that order!

Hummel: I am not gonna repeat that order!


Brilliant instrumental track playing through the scene, too.  


The medic in Saving Private Ryan, where he goes out calling for his momma...can hardly bear to watch. 

Lisa Faulkner's character in Spooks getting her head deep fried then sympathy shot

Because "lower class f*ckboy I met on a cruise ship two days ago" is not a particularly touching love story. Hence the lack of impact.

Indeed.  She was spared the rather awkward PFOing and returning to the cold embrace of Billy Zane once she arrived in NYC and saw where Jack planned to sleep for the night.

Glad to see the love for The Wire. Although I have to say watching Dukie shoot up in the finale montage is more heartbreaking than any death.

My vote for Up.

Chill good call on The Body.  That whole episode is devastating. 

God I cry at everything, but especially at any version of Beth dying in Little Women

Old Bob in The Black Hole.



also Heh @ Tim lovejoy.

The lack of people mentioning Titanic is probably because of lack of caring about the characters and their totally being enough room on the plank for both of them but Winslet's character being slefish and keeping it to herself.

it wasnt the room blindtom it was the weight

mythbusters did an episode on it iirc


in Marley & Me

oh no. I’ve gone again. Sorry...

The (relatively innocent) Goebels kids in Downfall. 

The dogs swimming off to their island at the end of The Plague Dogs.


I'm fine with most screen deaths that happen in 'ordinary' circumstances e.g. someone dying from a disease or old age (although Bill Nighy in About Time is an exception).  But I get really teary at any sort of heroic death.  Of the ones mentioned above, I cried at:

Blackadder Goes Forth
Bing Bong
Buffy in Season 5

And I've also cried at:

Bruce Willis in Armageddon
Anthony Hopkins in The Mask of Zorro
Gabriel Byrne's D'Artagnan in The Man In The Iron Mask
Iron Man in Endgame
Draco in DragonHeart
Ray the firefly in The Princess and the Frog
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

So many in Torchwood Children of Earth too.


Jack's grandson

Peter Capaldi and his family

that was a grim series

Many of the deaths in The Walking Dead.  I've never cried so much at a TV series. Carol killing the little girl Lizzie (who went off the rails and knifed her sister so she would turn into a zombie to play with) is one that I still think about from time to time 

I was profoundly moved by michael Schofields death in prison break but maybe even more so by big brad bellic taking one for the team and holding that big pipe up for the lads and finding redemption in the process. I loved PB back in the day.

Mij in Ring of Bright Water.

Spaded by a ditch digger.


Surprised no one has mentioned Maximus in Gladiator. For me it's not so much his actual keeling over (given that he's successfully avenged his murdered wife and son), but the moments after when he's carried out with that great music starting.  

Gracchus: Who will help me carry him? 

Screw the man, kept the diamond though didn't she. Then threw it away after 70 years anyway. What a waste.

Kristin Scott Thomas' character in the English Patient. And then the Count (at the hands of the gorgeous Juliette Binoche) later in the same film. Sobfest.


Craster  dying in GoT. Rip m8, you were a real 1.

The guy who who gets covered in toxic waste in Robocop.

Cliff Robertson in Too Late the Hero.  Zagged when he should have zigged.

Oh yes, Katherine in the English Patient, massive tear fest.

small screen: Bastogne in Band of Brothers (esp the nurse), Thomas Moore in The Tudors, perhaps because both based on true stories.

I totally forgot about UP! That makes me bawl my eyes out.