Mosque massacre in NZ
Anonymous (not verified) 15 Mar 19 03:31
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I mean seriously, can't we leave vicious hate crimes to northern hemisphere loonies?



Bloody hell - reports seem steadily more horrific.


Pretty sure if you drew a line from Southern Somalia across to Gabon you'd find a fair share of violent religious nutters below it.

Fucking grim event. Hope they hang the fuckers.

How long till the alt right nutters claim this as a false flag event or deny it even happened?

when was absurdiness brown’s twitter account suspended?

Very depressing, and in New Zealand of all places, one of the most diverse and tolerant countries in the world.

There should be a law to dename people convicted of offences like this. Make them impossible to find on the internet. Just left nameless in a prison forever.

Yeah I like that Clergs - they do it for crimes against kids to keep the kids anonymous so it is certainly possible.


or even all the fuss about previous names of transgender people

people can be rendered unremembered

They made a concerted effort to do this to the Parkland shooting killer. I totally agree 


there seems to be a twitter trend going on to block / report people showing images or footage - good idea 

unfortunate some of the papers have loops of it running on their homepage

Well it's click bait isn't it? They must be delighted this has happened.

If you wanna make a point, you can pick a fight. No need to shoot people 

I’m resigned to the fact that racial and religious hatred will never die and the day I am buried some poor fuckers will will be massacred somewhere in the world and it will just go on and on for as long as man needs someone to blame for his woes.  

I am waiting for Trump's tweet on this.


I think he will blame the Chinese, the martians, the muslims, the aliens and possibly even the toads in a pond except the guy with the weapon. 

„There are good and bad people on both sides!“[\trump]

He said that when nazis killed someone in Jacksonville 

Everybody should carry a gun at all times. That way we can all defend ourselves in case someone starts shooting! [\trump]

Errr what? My oh my another one with this fungus eating his brains