Morris Minor Drivers

Apparently Morris Minor drivers are most likely to have drink and drug driving convictions.  Anyone on here got a classic Morris Minor tucked in the garage?

Guess people think they're so slow they can't get into much trouble even if they're wasted.

Heh. Was tempted to buy one a couple of years ago but didn't in the end. 

Do you think it's more likely that owners are of a certain vintage and accordingly were more open to the idea of chancing the back roads in the 70s and 80s. 


I note there are still 18,000 registered in the UK..!

Dux - do you have one of those 3 wheeler contraptions with a sidecar for Mrs D?

I used to reeeeeally want one of these, even looked at a few but the restoration work would have been beyond my meagre skills.  Beautiful in their own odd way.

I think the survey looked at convictions that had to be disclosed when insuring cars so we're talking last five years or so rather than things from 40 years ago.

My sister had a nice split screed drop head Mk1, in black a red line along the sill and cream leather upholstery. She spliffs to the max and has had a number of brushes with her Majesty's constabulary on the subject of the contents of her rollups.  She also drinks like a diabetic whale.  On the basis of a survey sample of 1 I am pleased to confirm that this data is entirely accurate.

Heh, no I don't Judy. Do you mean like in George & Mildred? I bet OGR has one.

By the way sailo as much as I may mock some of your more mundane threads this was genuinely quite interesting. Well done. 

heh.. my (late) best mate had a morris minor and he got done for D&D.

He actually crashed it an ended up on its rather curvacious bonnet, pretty much unscathed except for the fact that he had a harry potter scar on his forehead from then on...

Well thank you Zero.  These days I'm just trying to come up with any thread that isn't shouting about the B word.

I didn't know Dungeons and Dragons was an offence as such.  Thought it was more on the civil side of things - grossly negligent etc.

I suspect that Dux's three wheeled conveyance is of a type which, yes, was common in the 1970s but one where all examples were in a rather unfetching pale blue.

If dux drives anything other than a 58 plate jag I’ll eat my own feet.