This morning
Wang's Upon a Time 08 Jul 19 10:06
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I was overcome by the pollution of this rancid city and sneezed.  this resulted in a snot rocket angling itself perfectly into a drain.

A fat and sweaty man was coming t'other way and said "well that was very unattractive" (presumably assumingly it had been a purposeful rejection and ejection).**

I said "at least I am not a fat sweaty cvnt m7"*.

no1 cheered and alackaday I was bereft of sandwiches with which to fashion improvised ballistic devices.  he did look a bit startled and some mumbling occured as he walked off.

*Love the way m7 can be used as both term of endearment and insult


** it is possible he had been eyeing me up from a distance and preparing a whole "hey hotbody how you doin" approach before my nasal miasma erupted.***

*** possible but unlikely tbf

You really should carry an handkerchief for such involuntary emissions.