More victim shaming

I don't understand, there must be more to this story than meets the eye. Wtf would people blame her?

Don't know. Apparently she'd been tortured in some dungeon, and

then burnt alive

She arrived at a park in the small hours of the morning to meet a man that she seemingly barely knew.  A park in the small hours is not the best place to meet a stranger for the first time.

still doesn't make it her fault she got murdered Sails

Indeed not but it does make it understandable why people are suggesting her actions may have been reckless.

Presumably you think you're being reckless when you use pick up sites and go to random women's houses for sex then 

”People” aren’t really suggesting that she’s been reckless though are they, “they’re” actually suggesting it’s her fault. 

I do not want to read sailo’s response to hoolie’s pick up query. 

Indeed I do Hools and that's why I no longer do that kind of thing.  As I said the other day I've been lucky that they have turned out to be women and not three large blokes waiting to rob me.  Similarly I'm now a lot more selective about who I invite to my home having been similarly lucky over the years as it dawned on me that someone could be scouting for their mates to come and burgle me later if I've got anything worth taking.  I think it's a lot easier as a man to be blase about the risks on the basis that you reckon you can probably fight your way out of most situations but actually equally foolish.