moggster saying eu wasn’t needed for wc cricket win
The Oracle of Delphi 15 Jul 19 19:46
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how many times do u reckon eoin morgan’s role has been flagged to him since...

You do know that he is a British citizen with a British passport?

References to Europe are a bit tenuous tbf, Morgan would have the freedom to live and work in England regardless of brexit

Sport should not be politicised.

fin.  (That’s french for ‘the end’)

Cricket is hardly a global sport. Its a legacy of Empire. Only half a dozen countries play it seriously. Maybe that's what he meant.

That’s the cricket world (basically the former British Empire plus Afghanistan) cup. 




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You do know that he is a British citizen with a British passport?

bradders m7 u kno I got ur back normally, but u have spectacularly missed the point here m7

It’s a very strange comment considering most Europeans have no interest in Cricket. You would expect someone who is an MP for Somerset to speak with a bit more knowledge of the subject given its popularity down there. 

nah the moggster is just a bit of a joker

it’s banter innit

i am still convinced he’s a left wing stooge

i’m a fan tbh

This is half the problem with the English as well. Ah, the moggster is a bit of of a joker. All banter eh lads. The rabble down the pub won't really care, I'm a character..

I can't stand the man.

Cricket is pretty gloval. It has an estimated global audience 2.5 billion and a serious presence on every continent (if you include Guyana). 

Ok, it's not football but not is it some arcane game like ice hockey or Rugby union or pelota with a localised following. 

Depends what you mean by global given you have a billion Indians watching albeit I accept it has spread due to colonialism. 

It's also played don't forget in places as diverse as Afghanistan, Holland and Namibia.