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Amid all the chaff about whether Huawei should be part of the 5G network or we should delay it, it seems to me that people have got massively over excited about the benefits 5g will bring. 

Have they forgotten all the unfulfilled promises they made about 4g, saying it would be so much faster than any fixed line broadband that no one would bother having wired internet any more? 

5g is going to be such a massive damp squib that they should delay it to make it secure. No one will notice apart from the greasy salesmen trying to push pricy new 5g phones / tablets onto people.

i’m not saying u r wrong bradders m7, but if in any given category of consumer goods we don’t have marginally better versions for dramatically higher prices, how does one satisfy the need to sneer at cheapos with slightly worse stuff?

By 'buying' a new audi each year on an evergreen 12% p.a. finance scheme 

Anyone who buys a first version of anything is a fool who deserves to be parted from his money

But 4g is very fast and is what makes ubiquitous smart phones everywhere actually work. Trying to use your phone when it drops off 4g is painful.

I mean I can pick up my phone and immediately start watching Netflix over mobile data. The idea of doing that prior to 4g would have been laughable. 

It also is faster than a lot of home broadband connections and would totally run a whole house if you lived somewhere with decent signal. Its bandwidth caps that are the prohibitive factor for that, not network speed. 

yeah but bradders that’s just one category of consumer good

what about if you want it in virtually every category?

Apparently the difference between 4G and 5G will be very small compared to the difference between 3G and 4G though.

I am worried it will end up like that horror film, Pulse

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Anyone who buys a first version of anything is a fool who deserves to be parted from his money

do you buy second hand meals to save money? 

regurgitated maccie ds for strutter plz

As far as I understand a huge advantage of 5G is capacity, it can handle 4-5x as many concurrent users as 4g. So speeds won't need to be throttled down in very busy areas, and phones won't completely break in places like stadiums. 

I’m not quite sure that you understand what ‘first version’ means old chap.

Have a bit of a think and then i’ll happily deal with any questions that you may have after that.

yeah m7 that po-faced response to a joke has already been done by field marshal po of po hall

try harder