moar fasting tedery

I am not sure it counts because I had two dinners alst night (the first one was obscenely tiny, like starter tiny)

but I am feeling better for it; a bit springier

I had had two doughnuts and a can of coke before 10am,


I feel much better for it

I’m fasting today :) had a cup of coffee and that’s it so far!

I felt a bit nostalgic this morning so went for a bagel with cream cheese.

I wasn't given a choice.

The server chose poorly.

if it was manufactured in London I am assuming thin like butter

ps I just opened my fast breaking cake box and the cow had put some sort of cheesecake in there instead of what I asked for

Clergham, I have some fasting questions for you.

Does it count / work as fasting if you just miss lunch?

So you have breakfast at 8.00 am then fast for 12 hours then have dinner then fast for another 11 hours (9pm to 8am)? 

Would this have similar effect to 16/.8 or 5.2 etc?



hiya questionmarks

depends on the version you are doing

some people I think do find 12 hours sufficient (and women apparently sometimes choose 14 hours anyway)

the idea is to get your live to start breaking down stored fat rather than using free roaming glucose

The lady in my local offy (circa 20ish) was telling me how hard she is finding ramadam this year.  I was obviously sufficiently restrained to not ask how, ecumenically, you end up following fasting rules but flogging piss in the family business.  

this reminds me of the ten crack commandments (specifically rule 4)