Misread tv shows
Wang's Upon a Time 22 Jan 23 18:25
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Change a letter, pitch the show (Inspired by something on (Dave Senior) Yesterday):



in which hitler and goering man the 465 from Chessington to Kingston

Snog Marty - avoid.

Following a drunken celebration after getting the time capacitor to work, Doc remembers he may have got over-amorous after the third bottle of wine.

1. First Daves

The Davids who have succeeded and inspired throughout history. Starting with a David Suchet special. 

2. Countrypile

Insufferable khunts w**k on about their massive rural houses. 

Snatch of the Day

A rather dull programme about weightlifters.
Many disappointed Dads write in to complain that the title is misleading.

Crimp watch UK. An example of slow TV. A team of ex coppers and Jermy Vine try to solve difficult digestive problems. Update at 10.30. Don't have nightmares. 

Come Mine with me

Random groups of people get sent down a hole in the ground with shovels and pick axes while some khunt commentates sarcastically as they dig.

Is It Sake?

Insufferable American bloggers and minor celebs speculate on the contents of five bottles of colourless liquid.

The Chafe

Bradley Walsh hosts a game show where 4 contestants compete to see who can walk the furthest distance in wet underpants before needing moisturiser.

Gove Island

Attractive young people gather on Canvey Island and compete to win the chance to sleep with the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Great Trans Journeys

Transgender folk share their personal journeys whilst travelling to their favourite destinations. An insight into our changing mores and the delapitated state of the UK’s rail network Not for children  


Wogglebox - members of the public watch CCTV cameras in scout huts to keep an eye on the potentially peedy scoutmasters.

Nappy Valley - Sarah Lancashire keeps banging on about the fact that the same 3 bed end of terrace in South London is worth 20 times less in Skelmersdale 

Top of the Poos

Who will produce the most perfect poo?

Join Carol Vordeman, Freddy Flintoff and Eamonn Holmes in another much loved episode of fecal family fun


Who wan*s to be a millionaire. 

Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Tarrant compete in a furious race to win the jackpot of one million pounds. You can phone a friend or ask the audience to help you out. 

Orange Hill, a docu-soap surrounding the lives of prema-tanned minor celebrities and Wags in Alderley Edge and surrounds.


Oh, wait

Wasterchef - Dropouts and slackers try to assemble menus of readymade snacks from the petrol station before passing out.  

An Idiot Aboard, a show where Karl Pilkington pilots a variety of waterborne craft.  This week Karl sets off in a storm at midnight from the beach at Calais in charge of a dodgy inflatable carrying 40 'Albanian tourists'.

Snogs of Praise

Randy parishioners worship their Lord by trying to pull other members of the congregation.

Strictly come lancing - pro/celeb jousting on horseback

The Ore show - BBC presenters try to make it interesting when viewers bring in their collections of unusual rock

Dine of duty - fly on the wall footage of people having a meal with their in laws who hate them

Mop gear - contestants race to convert a mop bucket into a one-man vehicle culminating in a race around a school corridor.

Football Ficus - I've no idea what this one is about but I'm in love with the title!


I think you're first one would work better if it actually involved some kind of celebrity pimple popping.

I'm a celibate tory. Get me out of here.

Members of parliament try to order tractors online without accidentally straying onto adult sites.    

Only Fools and Houses

Show follows desperate people as they buy properties that are too big and too expensive using debt they cannot afford and which they then struggle to repay when interest rates go up.

Hold on, I think this might have been done.

The Only Way is Wessex

Edward and Sophie have to stand in after the sudden departure of the previous Main Tabloid Interest. But will he become Duke of Edinburgh?

Bog Break

Jim Davison and John Virgo host a quiz where toilet-bound workers on their lunch hour compete to win prizes.