Minimum age for all gambling products should be 18...

...says the Labour Party.

Meanwhile, the Conservative government has launched a consultation on the age limits for all National Lottery games. The consultation will also look at only increasing the age limit for instant-win scratch cards and online games as an alternative.

Culture minister Mims Davies said they were some of the few ways under-18s were allowed to gamble, and her initial view is that this "could be the best approach".

Mind you, votes for 16-year-olds are a really good idea apparently.

Trust them with voting on the direction of the country, just not with spending their own money (or smoking, or drinking, or seeing some films, or getting married without permission etc.).

this is bullshit. 


If they wanted to stop problem gambling they should ban all TV adverts for it. 

They should properly regulate online gambling and pay for treatment for gambling addiction. 

But no - lets be seen to be doing a thing that will make no differcne at all. 

It surprised me when it was a Labour government that changed the gambling laws to make it easier for working people to piss away what little they have and increase related poverty and misery.  My guess would be that kickbacks of some kind were involved but I have no idea what.


what wibble said and what MFw said


Blair and his a casino in every town plan was fvcking lunacy

that may be true

but the minimum age for paid gambling in the UK is 3 years old

note below, FIFA 19 with "Pegi 3" which is ages 3 and up

Fifa 19 (DE/FR/IT)

This is like anything it’s all or nothing legalise or not, pretending sin taxation is enough. Someone under 16 shouldn’t be expected to assume responsibility - if they don’t do what is “right” it is much more on society than them.

After that it should tend towards doing what you want but having the resources to mitigate the cost to society and try and nudge people away from it ie tax AND resources. If you gamble there should be a pop up or time delay every time explaining that you are highly unlikely to win and offering a number to call backed up by addiction resources. Same with drugs (inc alcohol) - plain packaging, facts on the bottle, number to call and resources in GP surgeries to help. The taxes will pay for all this - I expect the tax on class A drugs would cover it all. If that’s not enough charge Google and Facebook £1000 a year per person (£500 to the individual £500 to the government).


If you banned gambling I'd have to choose some other nadir of human existence to stop me falling off assorted wagons as currently every time I walk past a gambling shop and see some sad looking old bloke stumbling out for a fag between races I think "please God don't let me end up like that".

Heh @ Sumo. Seriously though, 3 is ridiculous. The rules are far too lenient. I blame Bliar and his band of dodgy men.

When was 18 I had a job maintaining fruit machines and that experience put me off ever playing them and most other forms of gambling. Also gave me a few punchy electric shocks.

Took my cousin's 5 year old into an amusement arcade last year and let her play the old game where you have to try and grab the soft toy and drop it into the chute and created a monster who was adamant she knew how to beat the system.  Made me wonder if it is genetic to some extent as her dad spent a fair bit of time in the casino when he was at uni.