Midsommar - worth seeing?

I liked Hereditary.

And there was me thinking you were talking about Midsomer Murders.

Saw it last night. I have seen gorier but, yes, it was very cool.

To be honest it didn't break any new ground for me, if you've seen Hardy's 'Wicker Man' there will be few surprises, but it did it really well.

The cast was brilliant and the trippy sequences with the undulating backgrounds were amazing to watch. Quite a long film, but didn't feel like it to me.


Sadly not. I loved Hereditary and his first film The Witch is even better.

This was a really well made bad film if that makes sense? Very well shot and acted, but just a stupid and unoriginal plot with underdeveloped themes. 

Didn't realise he did The Witch too, really liked that.

Ari Aster didn't make the Witch but he did make some pretty awesome short films pre-Hereditary which are worth checking out. Midsommar is great. Sad I had to leave 15 mins before it finished due to unexpected childcare issues but will certainly merit re-watching. Florence Pugh is brilliant in it.

Lorem, you are quite right. I was completely convinced he made the Witch too.

Not sure how I got that idea into my head. 

Will have to check out Aster's short films. Any ones in particular you liked?