Michael Caine is 86 today

And rather more entertaining than anything else in the news.

”Paice. Eric Paice. Eyes like two pissholes in the snow” iirc.

Remarkably successful and varied career for a man who only ever played himself - like a childrens Book series - Michael Caine in South Africa, Michael Caine in Newcastle, Michael Caine in Italy Michael Caine in India etc etc.

Yes, and what a great trick to pull off. 

You can’t imagine him being told “Michael, we have a corporate message you need to live the values” can you?

”You what?”

Let me .. tell you.. about British Spaz PLC.

Spaz, as they call it, sells stuff. 

They’re good at it. They should be. Been doing it for ages.

now then 

For now, don’t worry about what their selling. 

I want to tell you about how they sell it. 

Bloody well, that’s how. 

You ask what are their values. I say what the fuck have they got to do with it. Now get out of here and go and buy some of their stuff.

Get it! 

got it?



He's under-rated as an actor

superb in films like Sleuth, The Prestige etc

although he's a Brexiter so he can FTFO actually

But does he give names to his dogs and take his hat off to womens?

You're a big man, but you're M0nty. With me it's a full time job. Now behave yourself.

He is not under-rated as an actor, in fact he is not really an actor at all - he is a great film star however.

I haven't seen Sleuth, but in The Prestige he was just Michael Caine.  In Hannah and Her Sisters he was just Michael Caine.  He is a terrible actor.

he is also in Escape to Victory, which is (genuinely) one of my favourite films ever

Thinking about it, he has been in an uncanny number of my favourite fims:  Alfie, Zulu, Man who Would be King, Get Carter, Sleuth, the Italian Job, Educating Rita, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.


Although his good stuff dried up after the 80s - he is not so good as an old man.

The man who would be king.  

His greatest ever role and dear lord was he incredible.

He was on Graham Norton not long ago, saying he retired in the 90s after a string of awful films then Chris Nolan got in touch and he’s made 7 of the best films of his career since then. Can’t really argue with that.