My neighbour has just informed me that there are mice in our building and have been for some time. I live in a second floor apartment with a million small holes and cracks in the walls and floors. Looking around me I can see loads of places where mice would be able to get in if they were here. Yet we haven't seen a single solitary mouse in all the time we've been here. Neither have there been any smalls, droppings or nibbled cereal packets.

Is it possible that these mice haven't worked out how to use the stairs and are therefore confined to one part of the building, or is my neighbour just mental?

I'm pretty sure if there were mice, we'd know about it.

I think you've got really well hidden ones.  Under your bed.  Waiting to pounce when you're asleep.

We get mice in our garage as we're in the middle of the country and there are gaps in the garage doors.  I set some traps and last time I looked one had only caught a fucking frog.  Was gutted for poor wee Kermit.

I wish I slept deeply enough to not notice that tbh.

If your neighbour is untidy and has lots of easily available food lying around, etc. then the mice probably haven't felt any need to climb up to your flat.

They like to sit on your pillow at night, right next to your mouth.  The breath keeps them warm whilst they p00.

ground and top floors most likely to have them, but yes they will climb the stairs! Just stick some baited traps down along back of the sofa etc and under the fridge.

they wont be nesting in your flat so no worries re the smell.

It's alright, we don't have them and are moving out anyway.

bet your neighbour is angling for you to share the cost of rentokil.


Mice go everywhere! I remember being in a hostel in Philadelphia and spotting one on the other side of the room but feeling quite comfortable about all this because I was on the top bunk. I think the little fucker read my mind because he just climbed to the top of the opposite bunk and stared at me. 

Lots and lots of apartment blocks have mice.

The trick is to not encourage them in to your individual apartment – keep the place clean, don’t leave any food around

Yup you just need to be clean.  Brewing beer and having children is a nightmare for mice.

Not only do they use the stairs, but they can also use the lift.  They have to sit on a friendly dog's nose to reach the buttons.