Merc S class or a Range Rover?

Out of the two?

Depends. If you’re a drug dealer, a hairdresser or wanting to let everybody know you’re an unmitigated wanker, go for the Range Rover. 

If not, the Merc. 

X7 or Bentayga is where the cool kids are m6. 

Rangies are so 2012 tbf. 

Get a Tesla.  

Much faster.  

Much quieter.  

Much safer. 

Much cooler.  

No need to buy fuel.   

Either, in black, with darkened windows. For reasons Ray hints at up there, park it in any rough neighbourhood in London and it won't get touched.

No self respecting drug dealer would be seen dead in an S class

you cant just compare two cars without talking about engines and specs etc

Your fossil-fueled S-class will be banned from major cities within a decade.  

You probably plan to buy it new and sell within three years, but the resale value will still be affected.  

I can get you a 1987 S Class with blue velour interior which will make you properly look like a minor south London criminal or the dictator of a small African country.

oh my days but the x7 looks awful! I didn’t realise it was a thing until I read it up there

Sailo I would love to drive that. I am ./. about mid 80’s mercs. 

Neither. Mitsubishi Outlander would be better than both.

Make sure its the PHEV version for maximum twattery

ZG I'll put you in touch with my dad then as don't want it cluttering up my new garage.

RR - I'm driving one at the moment and they're immense.

Teslas are a bit 2015 and their styling is just too American.

"Neither. Mitsubishi Outlander would be better than both."


Did u actually type this?

Ah, a welcome return of one of the only men I know who could attempt to glory in driving a 2 ton plus car in one of the most compact urban centres on earth (and also one of the most polluted).

Range Rovers are immense on the outside but for some reason have front seats designed for tiny people.

What sails said the seats up front look cramped. I do like the look of the velar, looks stunning. I think jaguar land rover are struggling to sell 4x4s they are doing some incredible discounts currently.


Perfectly Normal I thought the seats were small as a 13 year old when my dad test drove one and I was over a foot shorter and a lot thinner back then.

What's this about "compact urban centres" BTW? I am currently cruising in Overfinch-tweaked comfort around the home counties.

You might want to have a word with what I now assume are your former employers as they still seem to think that you are working elsewhere.

No idea what you are talking about.