MBA/Executive MBA - worth it?

Considering the cost involved, is it worth it if one is an entrepreneur and will not use it to climb career ladder i.e. in consulting?


Was looking at Said BS, London BS and Warwick BS.

a m8 did it. along with his other activities prior it gave him the intros to investors he needed to set up his business.

but he was a man who was insanely gregarious and would talk to anybody.



This was at oxford.  his other reason for going there was to try out for the rugby team.  he hurt himself badly and didn't carry on.  as he put it 18 year olds put on muscle quicker, and bounce more, than when you're in your 30s. so if that's your plan, start working before hand


I disagree re the muscle comment. His T was probably low. Fairly easy to put muscle on (esp the first year) in your 30s.

My feeling has always been that surely it is just a very expensive networking course 

Think it teaches you a lot about managing a large business where you have access to analysts to crunch data and the like but not sure it's that useful if you want to set up a small business and grow it.

Paying for your own MBA is an utterly retarded thing to do. 


OP, I seriously looked in to this a  good few years ago. Unless you are using it to leverage a change in career, from say being a commercial litigation solicitor to join Mckinsey et al, Blackstone,Big 4, Nomura as part of their MBA entry scheme where you join a bit higher up the food chain there isn't a lot of point??


If you are doing it for inquisitive and networking purposes go for it. Be careful though, not all MBA schools/courses are the same .Insead and LBS, are top of the pile internationally along with some others. Not sure I know enough about the Warwick program

resipsa m7, u ok? recovered from concussion?

not always obv from ur posting, don’t mean to be rude

I did an MBA in the US. (World Class, blah blah)

It helped career wise, met my first wife and made friends for life and had a good time.

I didn''t have to pay for it all. Overseas study grant.